The Angel Guardian

Castiel was assigned to a baby when she was born that baby was the daughter of Mary and John Winchester, Rachel Winchester, Janelle second rank angel powerful like her brother Castiel who is her real brother when Jimmy only and Amara has arrived gods sister with everything going on can she be stopped.


2. For the love of Siblings

Naomi woke up unconscious in what seemed to be fire hell that's what it looks like her vision began to be seen clearly shaking her head to see better getting up it was then the sound of a voice came up, a slight groan escaped her lips as she used her hand to push herself up then used the other one and began standing up, her eyes looked around while he spoke as the eyes reflection showed only him and the fire between the two siblings wanting to be safer with Castiel hoping he would come for her like he always does.

"Well nice for you to drop in little sister," Lucifer said with a snarky tone smirking delighted to see her.

"You, you put me back!" She yelled as she couldn't pass through seeing just the fire around her noticing the Devils trap.

"Now let's have some fun, shall we?"


Castiel came striding in as he was looking for something, desperate and upset he took her.

"No, no Michael will kill me." He muttered.

"Whoa, whoa what's wrong cass?" Rachel came in looking at him, she tried to calm him.

"My—my—sister he took our sister."

Walking in dean and Sam came by as Dean asked: "whoa what up with feathers here?"

"They took my sister damn it!" Castiel almost shouted as he saw Liv come in startled "he took my sister." Castiel said once more lowering and gently saying this time.

"Whoa easy," Sam intervened "who took Naomi?"

He looked at all of them unable to say but they'd know who so easily as Dean sighed with the rest of them he said "shit..."


"I can't believe you, you grew! How adorable you are and such friends created." Lucifer grinned watching his back against to the wall.

"Go to hell, oh wait even better go to hell where you belong." She glared angrily.

"Sorry, sweetie but can't I need you for someone."

She understood now and sneered "what do you want with him, leave him alone he has a family."

"So, he has a family?"

She gulped softly and looked shook up a bit.



Castiel tried to sense her and his eyes widened like the size of a golf ball as he kicked a desk "damn it!"

"Easy Cass, who has Naomi?" Dean asked but he disappeared.


Castiel reappeared into the Devils trap and glared looking at Lucifer his eyes showed hatred for him and in a husky voice out of pure anger this was the last button Lucifer has pushed.

"Let her go."

"Excuse Moi? No, you listen to me now."

"If Michael finds out about this you know what he'll do, he raised our sister your sister and you know perfectly well your punishment, brother," Castiel said seriously not taking shit from nobody and knew Michael would kill Lucifer he ever found out their sister had been taken.

He laughed at Castiel "look at you, Cassy."

"How did you--"

"Know that? Oh, a little birdie told me just now before you came you have this... this family now you love so much."

Much to Castiel's despise for Naomi now, he would deal with her later.

"You leave them alone you hear me?" He got angrier this made his body shake his eyes focus a bit.

Lucifer grinned and headed out to find his so-called little family while the guard watched the two, quickly Naomi nudged her brother's shoulder and had him look up at the pipe, as she kept talking. Out of nowhere came a beam of light both Naomi and Castiel were able to shield their eyes in time as the woman screamed in the fiery pit he only took Naomi's hand and transported back to the room seeing Lucifer getting all up on Rachel, she was trying to reach the demon blade.

This frustrated and angered Castiel he lowered his tone "she is mine!"

With one smack, he had sent Lucifer flying across the hotel room glass breaking and leaving Liv screaming scared, he picked her up and sent Rachel to go hide somewhere.

Naomi was ready for a kick ass fight as she swished the blades but he grabbed her and held one to her neck leaving Castiel to stop.

"Please—please don't hurt our little sister," Castiel begged mercifully this time his husky voice was almost about to break he couldn't think or else she would be sent to who knows where.

Naomi was stronger as she kicked her brother with her leg and got pulled out from his group by Lucifer's grip and close to him, she snapped her finger and sent him far away for now taking an exhale as she shook her head.


Dean looked surprised now the only thing to think about was the archangel Raphael "So, on the search for Raphael now, yes?"

All of them nodded it was then he was easy to be found when they lit a fire around him.

"Well, well little sister on the team."

Naomi sneered "bite me." Her tone was very angered.

Raphael chuckled darkly shaking his head but after dealing with him as he vanished, Dean hit the table angrily and got very angry as there was an angel in the midst a demon named Anna she transported and hit Anna against the wall.

"You bitch got nothing to do, do you?"

"Don't you even dare go to the past— "


Naomi popped up startling Castiel as he breathed deep shaking his head, then she dragged him away needing to talk to him and it was one he didn't want to hear.

"what?! Now?" he shouted.

"shhh knucklehead, anyway Anna wants to kill the Winchesters before Sam and Dean are born." Naomi's expression showed worry in her tone that Castiel could tell.

"We got to go now and warn them, we shall send them to the past."

Castiel shook his head doubtfully but it was the only choice he nodded.


"so, we have to do what?!" Dean yelled.

"we have to, it's the only way." Rachel said simply already getting her stuff ready and getting Liv ready.

Castiel saw them getting ready and knew this would weaken him.

"Join hands." He instructed.

As they did he tapped both Sam's and Dean's foreheads to send them to the past April 30th, 1978 the year before they were born it was only a matter of time before Anna kills the Winchesters' mom and dad Naomi was behind but came with them, now the only thing was, is to find Mary and warn them before worse could happen. Castiel was on the floor weakened due to sending them all, his nose bleeding; his breath barely even heard as Rachel and Liv waited for Dean to come back from taking him inside the hotel, they saw him come out of the door.

"Right so I booked him for five days in the hotel, now let's go find Anna."

Liv watched wanting to be a hunter she wanted to help Castiel Dean told her everything and he passed her a knife a way to kill any demons around Rachel protested but as usual she didn't win this case, so as a mother she instructed Liv what to do and stay beside her uncles if anything were to happen also not to kill unless it's a demon or an evil angel as they went ahead to find Anna and kill her before she kills their parents.


Castiel had to know though as he walked over Naomi he was curious to know why she was at Lucifer's and why she would do this.

"Please tell me one thing, why risk yourself for me you usually don't help."

Naomi looked to him and steps in front of him. "I know you, Jimmy."

Castiel looked down at her and wondered "I'm sorry, what?"

"You're in there I know it both of you but I'd rather talk to my brother if you mind," Naomi said as this confused him. "Please?" He sighed and gave a nod.

"4 minutes." Castiel folds arms.

"8 minutes." She smirked.

"2 minutes." He said knowing she would lose.

"Shit..." Naomi muttered then sighed saying "fine five."

He nods then sits down.

"Jimmy, are you in there?" She asked.

"Naomi? I'm here--I don't get it." Castiel said still awake.

"Shut up I need to try harder, relax damn it go to sleep." She told him.

He nodded and tried going to sleep that's when Jimmy woke.

"Janel, you--you're alive? What did you want me for?" He asked and hugged her as she hugged back smiling happily.

"It's just good to see you brother, I just--"

"Don't trust the angel, hey it's okay I'm still here he's me either way," Jimmy told her putting a hand on his sister's shoulder.

Dean and Sam watched how this is happening.

"Then you should trust me when I say this, your sister will be okay? Castiel will take care of me." Naomi now said not minding being called Janel.

"I'll see you then." He told her and smiled weakly.

She smiled weakly and looked at him as he was returning back as Castiel.

"Hello, sister."

Naomi smiled and as he got up and hugged her tight just like Jimmy would give her reassurance as Sam smiled with Dean watching this.

"For the love of siblings eh?" Dean joked looking at Sam as he rolled his eyes "what?" He asked following Sam into the kitchen.


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