The Angel Guardian

Castiel was assigned to a baby when she was born that baby was the daughter of Mary and John Winchester, Rachel Winchester, Janelle second rank angel powerful like her brother Castiel who is her real brother when Jimmy only and Amara has arrived gods sister with everything going on can she be stopped.


6. Fare thee Well

Janelle was in a bar on earth her wings tucked in she was alone with Metatron like a guard for her she heard aunt Amara has arrived as she drank a tequila shot not affected by the effect it has, she had given up ever since Lucifer got out in Castiel's body and things haven't been the same the last few days.

"Come on Janelle will you talk?" He asked from the booth "or come color."

"Pshh I'm not a child." She retorted.

"You are my child." A voice familiar to her having her turn around as he smiled at her. "Long time no see my child."

Janelle looked longingly at him as he held his arms to her she smiled tearfully and ran over as she almost made him fall back but he held her wrapping his arms around her.

"I'm here now." He told her stroking her hair "have you seen any of your brothers?"

"Forget the brothers how about the fact you have no skills at this story." Metatron said while reading the audio biography.

"Hey I put weeks into that years even." Defended chuck "I can even learn how to play guitar." Chuck smiled taking Janelle's hand as she leaped up while he sat on the stool with the guitar playing a little.

"But you're missing details." He tells Chuck.

Chuck smiled and got up moving back holding his daughters hand as he twirled her standing on the stage.

"This was about me, the life of the Winchester's I even gave my son love not by force or cheat but he is actually happy." Chuck said to Metatron.

"Maybe you're not the man I know you are..." Metatron

He got down and pushed him back not happy "I have been called many things but a coward?"

Cut off really quick he held up his hand getting up "No I--I didn't say that."

"Well I have family matters to attend to." Chuck told him and zapped with Janelle.


Back in the men of letters hideout Sam and Dean were working on something to talk to Lucifer and get Amara with his help, Janelle came up with Chuck as it has been a long time.

"Uhh guys... I have someone you might want to meet..."

Chuck came up as they saw him before but this time was different as the light on the pendant glowed.

"Hello boys." Chuck said to them.

"Chuck? About time where have you been?" Dean asked curious.

"This time it's not about that, I think you guys should know I'm... god."

Sam and Dean looked at each other as Dean started laughing not believing this, until Janelle gave them glasses as he gave his true form away bright huge bright lights shocked Dean and even Sam as well.

As the light died down Lucifer in castiels body came sluggishly since he is beaten down.

Chuck looked at him as he sighed and snapped his fingers fixing his son up as this talk was long over do.

"Father..." he said angrily not showing it "Why are you here, and with sister.

"Bite me, asshat." She glared.

He struggled to say something but exhaled.

"Alright enough both of you." Chuck stepped in the middle.

Dean and Sam found a way to get them to talk having the two sit in front of chuck their father and the two beside each other.

"So guys were going to try this method you two tell your father how you feel." Sam instructed to the two siblings.

"You got to be kidding?" Janelle rolled her eyes as her gaze went to Sam and Dean.

"Oh goody talky with sissy and daddy." Lucifer said about her grinning as he fiddles with his fingers.

"You know what I can kick your ass right now."

"Oh I'd like to see you try."

"Alright that's it!" Janelle was about to punch him but he stopped her with her powers.

"Uh-uh I wouldn't if I were you unless you want your vessels brother to get hurt, now do we." Lucifer smirked.

Chuck was rubbing his temples with his hand getting tired of the fighting and looked to Sam and Dean for help but they didn't know what else to do really.

"Okay guys act like family please?" Dean said abit harsh.

"Okay Dean i think that's enough this is my family." Chuck said defensive now of his family.

"Ooo getting all defensive are we?" Lucifer asked muttering the last part. "Not like you cared."

Rolling her eyes she's had enough of this and sighed "leave dad alone Lucfier."

"Such a daddy's girl." He chuckled mocking his sister.

"One that's about to kick your ass." Janelle glared getting up.

"Try me and see what happens." He got up on her face.

Sam stepped in between and pushed Janelle back looking to Dean for help, he nodded and got up to take her for a breather


After taken to get a break from him a sigh escaped as Janelle faced Dean the one who wanted to talk.

"Look I know this isn't easy for you to be with Lucifer and your dad without all the bickering and fighting going on," Dean told Janelle as she looked at him "but you really got to try at least and come to some kind of agreement?"

Sighing Janelle just looked the other way and sighed looking at him "fine, fine," throwing her hands up in surrender she walked in.

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