RARITY -The new recruits-

In a world of mortality, there happens to be immortality. everyone calls her Quinn Diaz. She's a smart girl living on her own.She was disowned at birth when her mortal parents had seen her powers. Her twin brother, Savion is in a coma, and he's her responsibility. Quinn has the power of telepathy, and telekinesis. At school one day she encounters a strange boy with black hair, and yellow-golden eyes. His name is Shade. Shade is a 17 year old boy living on his own. His parent's disowned him because they didn't love him the way he was. He has the power of illusion. Soon they get recruited to a war team called RARITY by a strange man named Gonzo. As sketchy as Gonzo is, he raises Quinn, and Shade to become powerful warriors.


1. Prologue

"He was brought to us from the east." A woman called after another. The woman carried the baby along the sea, and into an old shack.

A man opened the door, "Ariel? what brings you here?" He asked with concern.

"The gods have brought me...a-a child." Ariel muttered.

"Why would they bring you a child?" He wiped his hands on a cloth, and rushed over to Ariel.

"I-it came with a note..." Ariel reached inside the baby's blanket and pulled out a long piece of parchment. 

The man took the parchment from her and without thinking, opened it. He read it aloud:

"Dear mortal,

I have sent you a demigod of teleportation, strength, and healing. You must protect him. The giants are after him. He possesses a rare gift that no one else does. I believe that this young boy can save the world, perhaps end it. No matter what, he will be your responsibility. If not...you shall face the consequences. I know right about now as you are reading this part, the baby will start to cry."

The baby began to cry uncontrollably. Ariel and the man looked at each other with deep concern.

He continued to read,

"I saw the future. You both begin to marry, fall in love, and raise him. Whatever you do, do not let the giants get him. sincerely, Odin the god of war and death."

Ariel falls to her knees with the baby in hand. "Our lives are in deep danger!"

The man looked deep into her eyes and told her, "We can't do this together, we were chosen for a reason."

He took the baby out of her hands and looked it deep in the eyes.

"Gonzo." He said.

Ariel stood up with confusion, fear in her eyes. "Gonzo?"

The man looked up and smiled, 

"His name is Gonzo."


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