Ivy Kearney and Ellen Ripley aboard the USS Auriga. Takes place in Resurrection.


4. Narrator POV 4

It’s night aboard the Auriga, and almost everyone is sleeping. Rane is in a chamber, although Hillard and Elgyn are in a slightly lusher one. Perez is snoring in his quarters, Vriess is rolling around the engine room, and Christie, St Just, Call, and Johner are in the mess hall, playing poker.

Meanwhile, in the observation room, Gediman sits alone, writing observations down as he watches the pen. Inside are three aliens, two of which are hibernating, curled up in a corner, while the third faces the glass, tilting its head and hissing.

Gediman sits with his face inches from the beast. It draws back its lips, opens its mouth and the inner mouth moves out slowly, dripping slime.

“Is that a distended externus lingua, or are you just happy to see me?” It hisses and retracts the tongue. He scribbles a few more notes. Something moves in the dark behind him. Before he notices, a hand touches his shoulder. Ripley steps forward, eyes locked on the alien. Gediman seems mildly surprised. “How did you get in here?”

“Beautiful, aren’t they?”

“Yes. I’ve been monitoring their interaction.” He points to an audio graph. “They communicate. Through ultrasonic soundwaves, like bats.”

“I know. I can hear them.”

“Amazing.” He stands. “Ripley…”

“Shhh…” She pulls him close, kissing him, holding his head with both hands. She looks at him, smiling, before her inner mouth shoots out, through his face.

Suddenly Ripley wakes, breathing hard. She was sleeping in the middle of the room. Her breath slows and she hears a step outside her door, then silence.

About the same time, in the mess hall, the crew is still at their game, stacks of bills, peanuts, and liquor scatter across the table. Johner breaks the silence, “I’m in.”

“Alright,” Christie says.

“Raise you two hundred.”

“Oh, fuck you.”

“That’s it, I’m out.” Call throws down her cards, takes a swig of Johner’s moonshine. “This tastes like shit, what’s in it, battery acid?”

“That takes me down, too,” Christie sighs.

“Uh, uh, fuck it, I fold. What do you got?” he asks St Just.

He calmly shuffles his cards back into the deck. “You’ll always wonder.”


“Johner, your deal.”

“Deal me out,” Call mutters, “It’s not my night.” She stumbles out of the room.

“Bitches should not play with boys. They will get cleaned out.” He deals out the cards, “Eight card throwback, fuck your sister, and the sevens are wild.”

As soon as Call is out of sight, she looks around, completely sober. She walks to the restricted area and star punches in a code on the keypad. She walks quietly, looking for one room. She turns left, opening Ripley’s cell. She hesitates, then slips in, shutting the door. Ripley is asleep in the center of the room. Call stares down at her for a moment before she flexes her wrist, pulling out a long blade. She pulls it back, aims for the heart, and Ripley shifts. Her shirt is open enough to see the scar on her chest.

“Well? You gonna kill me, or what?”

“There’s no point, is there?” She pushes the knife back up her sleeve. “It’s already out. Christ…is it here? On board?”

“You mean…my baby?”

“I don’t understand. If they’ve got it, why are you still alive?”

“Curious. I’m the latest thing.”

“Sick fucks.” She pulls the knife back out. “I can make it stop. The pain. That’s all I can offer.”

Ripley pushes her hand against the blade. “What makes you think I would let you do that?” Ripley pushes her hand out, the blade goes through her flesh, until it sticks out the other side.”

“What are you?”

“Ripley, Ellen. Lieutenant First Class, number 36706.”

“Ellen Ripley died two hundred years ago.”

She pulls the knife out of her hand, “What do you know about it?”

“I’ve read Morse…I’ve read all the banned histories. She gave her life to protect us from the beast. You’re not her.”

“If I’m not her, what am I?”

“A thing. A construct. They grew you in a fucking lab.”

“But only God can make a tree.”

“And now they’ve brought the beast out of you.”

“Not all the way.”


“It’s in my head. Behind my eyes. I can hear it moving. The beast. She’s close, across the hall.” The smile is gone and Call softens.

“Help me. If there’s anything human in you at all, help me stop them before this thing gets loose.”

“It’s already loose.” Call is terrified. Ripley touches Call forehead, “Once the thought…the hope for it…grows here…it has found its way. It will come because man will bring it forth.”

“You want that.”

“I’ve come to terms with it, it’s inevitable.”

“Not so long as there’s breath in me.” Ripley lashes out and grabs Call’s throat, who swings the blade, but Ripley has it pinned. She squeezes Call’s throat and looks at her sadly.

“I can…make…it stop.” Ripley lets go. There’s a silence when Call gasps for air. “Go. They’re coming for you.” As soon as she stands, she heads out, stopping when the door shuts. A humming comes from the door across from her. She moves closer and presses her ear against the metal. The humming continues before stopping abruptly. A rifle hits her head before she can think. She falls, not completely out, as two guards grab her.

Wren stands behind them, three more guards flanking him. “I think you’ll find that was ill-advised. Where are her friends?”

“Mess hall.”

“Round them up, now!”

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