Ivy Kearney and Ellen Ripley aboard the USS Auriga. Takes place in Resurrection.


3. Narrator POV 3

A huge room, used for assemblies and events has a chain basketball net set up on one end. Ripley stands beneath one, dribbling. At the other end are tables and chairs. The crew of the Betty, except Elgyn, file in to eat. Johner sees Ripley and smiles.

“Ooh.” He walks up to her as she glares. “How about a little one on one?” She continues dribbling, attempting to ignore him. “What do you say?”

“Get away from me.”

“Why should I?”

“Because pain hurts.” He falters a moment.

“Are you gonna hurt me, then? I think I might enjoy that.” He smiles and she smiles back before hitting him in the chest. He flies back ten feet, landing on a group of chairs.

His crewmates fly into action. Christie grabs an ashtray while Hillard jumps Ripley from behind. She throws her off and chucks a basketball at her hard enough to pop it. Christie swings and smashes into her face.

She arcs back before flying at Christie’s throat. He has no chance to react. She’s squeezing and batting away the ashtray, a trickle of blood running from her nose.

Johner comes at her again and she leaps on him, throwing him to the ground, snarling.

“Ripley,” Wren cuts in. She looks up and sees four guards pointing burners at her. Wren and Gediman stand just behind.

Call, standing next to Vriess, reacts visibly to the name. Everyone slowly backs off, St Just with his hands behind his back, hiding something.

“Let’s not have a scene,” Wren continues. She lets go of Johner and stands.


“I imagine he does.”

Johner sits up, barely breathing. “What the fuck are you?” She looks down at him and then at everyone around her. She wipes the blood from her face, flicks it away, then leaves.

“Social skills: less than a hundred percent,” Wren smirks at Gediman. The few drops she flicked away sizzle on the floor, eating away at a small patch.

A large metal box is being pushed next to an observation pen. Soldiers surround it, guns ready. Not one of them is relaxed. Wren and Gediman watch intently.

“What’s the status on the queen?”

“We still haven’t detected the origin of the reproductive anomalies. But the egg laying stage appears to be over.”

“Did we do something wrong?”

“I don’t know. I think we covered everything, but these redundancies...”

A soldier lifts a panel in the pen and the doors to the cage open automatically. Everyone waits in silence. A fully grown alien bolts into the pen, the soldier shuts it as quickly as possible.

“Father, check security status, observation pen six.”

Father, the voice of the ship, replies, “Pen six secure, security systems functional at one hundred percent.”

“Good. Now the others.”

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