Angels Do Exist (5SOS AU)

Summer Edwards is struggling with her troubled life. Her mom left when she was 3. But eventually her mother came back married and with a step son, Michael Clifford, the boy in her school that nobody liked. Then there's Luke Hemmings, the "Hottest Guy in School" who's also new kid bad boy, who all the girls are attracted to- even Summer. But Summer doesn't have the courage to even go near him, in fear that hes going to leave like her mom did. But little does she know Luke has the same feelings for her as she does her. Will she get the courage to do it? Or will Luke approach her first?


4. 4

  Ash knew what. He knew I was afraid it was going to be Luke. He knew it, and he wanted me to say it. 
   “Go answer it” I say instead. He looks at me, gets up and walks toward the door. Stops before opening the door and gives a “You're Lucky I Love You” sigh. He opens the door. It was mom. 
   “Ash your mom wants you to go home, she's going out” Mom says. Ash has two younger siblings. His younger sister is 7 years younger than he is and his younger brother is 9 years younger, in other words his sister is 9 and his brothers 7. His mom would often go out and Ash would watch them till she came home.

 I have to give credit to his mom. She has two jobs, she works full time and part time at one job. Then she comes home to three kids. She's also going through a divorce. So she's pretty much a single mom. Well kinda my mom and stepdad co-parent Ash. And sometimes I’ll go other there and help with Harry and Lauren. So his mom is basically my second mother. 
   “Okay” He says looking at me “wanna come over?” I look at my mother then at Mikey. 
   “Mikey do you wanna come?” I asked quietly he shook his head.
   “Okay” I whisper I look at Ash and shake my head just enough for only him to see. He nods his head in reply then walks out the door. I look back at Mikey. His eyes had tears in them, his face was red, his eyes were swollen, his breaths were heavy. He covered his face with his hands. 
   “Mikey whats wrong?” 
   “Nothing” He says standing up. He walks toward the door and looks at me then turns away 
   “Don't be stupid” I say as he looks back at me with a small smile and a slight laugh. 
   “I won't” he says then walks out of my room and down the hall into his then I hear the door shut. 
 Mikeys room was a room away from mine. There’s a bathroom in between our rooms. But I could still hear him talking to himself. I could hear him trying to calm himself down, I could hear when his phone dinged and how he held his breath just to let out a long sigh. And the long nights when he couldn't sleep I could hear him tossing and turning. I could hear when his phone rang in the middle of the night. And how his voice went up a notch when he was talking to Calum.
  I walk out of my room and down the stairs to the kitchen where my mom was doing dishes. 
   “Hey” she says 
   “Hi” I say sitting down at the table that she had just washed off. Me and my mom weren't ever really close. She's never really been my go to person, in fact this was the first time since she came back that I've actually walked to her my own. 
 My mother left me with my dad when I was three. When they were together she was having an affair with Daryl. And she went off with him. So I was left with my dad, who quit drinking, smoking and his job just to take care of me. She didn't come back till I was about 10. By then her and Daryl were married and Mikey was already calling her mom. I on the other hand had only seen her from pictures and only heard her voice through the phone when she called my dad and they would end up fighting. So when my dad said that I was going to be living with my mom, I got angry. She wanted me after 7 years. 7 years of my life that she wasn't in and now she wanted in. I asked my dad why she wanted me. He told me she felt bad for not being there, not being in my life. And she wanted to make it up to me. She wanted to make it up to me.. Because she felt bad… for not being there. To me it didn't make sense. I’ve been living without her for as long as I remember and she wanted to make it up. For the longest time I gave her lots of dirty looks. And I would have a attitude every time she talked to me. I would throw fits when she wouldn't let me go back to my dads. I was a bad kid. But I’ve grown use to her and Daryl. And Mikey. 

   I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. I look at my and she mouths “Mikey” I nod and look at him when he walks into the kitchen.
 I pointed at his sleeve and he pulls it down before my mother could see the little red lines on his wrist. He looks at me and smiles. I watch as my mother looks at us with an unsure look. Then she goes back to the dishes. 

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