Angels Do Exist (5SOS AU)

Summer Edwards is struggling with her troubled life. Her mom left when she was 3. But eventually her mother came back married and with a step son, Michael Clifford, the boy in her school that nobody liked. Then there's Luke Hemmings, the "Hottest Guy in School" who's also new kid bad boy, who all the girls are attracted to- even Summer. But Summer doesn't have the courage to even go near him, in fear that hes going to leave like her mom did. But little does she know Luke has the same feelings for her as she does her. Will she get the courage to do it? Or will Luke approach her first?


3. 3

“Sure” Mikey says “got nothin’ better but listen to my mom argue with my dad on the phone” 
  “Awe” I said as Ash opens his mouth to talk but I interrupt him “Will you be awake at 9?” 
Mikey looks at me with his “Are You Stupid?” look. 
  “Yes?” I ask 
  “Yes” Mikey says as Ash walks over and asks my mom why she called us down. 
  “Here Sum” Ash says as he hands me a plate full of food. 
  “Thank you” I say as Mikey gets up. He grabs his plate and returns to his spot at the table. 

 When we finished we put our plates in the sink and all three of us went upstairs. On the way up I stopped and pulled on Mikeys arm making him stop as well 
  “Yes?” he says in a whisperish tone 
  “You know the cut on your arm?” 
  “What about ‘em?” 
  “Ash does it too” I say quietly. Mikeys eyes widened. He looked around. 
  “Really? Why?” He finally says in the same tone. 
  “Yes really and he won't tell me why”
  “Oh” He says as I walk away. He follows behind me. We walk down the hall into my room, where Ash was on my bed. I sit next to him and Mikey sits on the floor.  Me and Ash talked about bands and school, while Mikey sat on the floor pulling at his sleeves. He was zoned out in his own little world. 
  “Summer” he finally says looking at the floor. 
  “Yes?” I say looking at Ash then at Mikey who was still pulling at his sleeves.
  “If I can get Luke to like you…” His voice trailed off. Of course I knew this had to do with his crush. Or as he as he called him “The Love Of His Life”. Yes I said he. Mikey likes one of the outcast boys named Calum. He hasn’t told his dad. Or my mom or even his own mother. The only people who know are me and Mikey. And soon Ash. 
  “Mikey?” I say in a comforting tone
  “Can you do something for me?” He says quietly
  “Of course.” I say “What is it?” He looks at Ash. 
  “Please don't judge me…..” His voice cracks 
  “I won't” Ashton says 
  “O-okay” Michael says “could you try to hook me up with Cal?” 
  “I can try.” I said “I’ll try my hardest” 
  “Thank you” He said. He got up and hugged me. 
 This was the first time Mikey had ever hugged me in the 4 years our parents have been together. It was strange to hug my step brother. The only person I hugged was Ash. And on occasion my mother. Me and Mikey never really talked. Not until this year. This year he would knock on my door late at night with tears running down his face. I would let him come in for a while calm him down then walk him back to his room. Mikey was about an hour younger than me. As you know we aren’t twins. Not even blood related. We just happen to be born on the same day. Which brings us closer in a way. Like right now. I knew his mind was racing. He knew my heart was racing. And he knew exactly why. Then we heard a knock on my bedroom door. Me and Mikey look at each other, then we both look at Ash. 
  “What?” he said

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