Angels Do Exist (5SOS AU)

Summer Edwards is struggling with her troubled life. Her mom left when she was 3. But eventually her mother came back married and with a step son, Michael Clifford, the boy in her school that nobody liked. Then there's Luke Hemmings, the "Hottest Guy in School" who's also new kid bad boy, who all the girls are attracted to- even Summer. But Summer doesn't have the courage to even go near him, in fear that hes going to leave like her mom did. But little does she know Luke has the same feelings for her as she does her. Will she get the courage to do it? Or will Luke approach her first?


2. 2

 My jaw drops as Ashton says “Luke what're you doin’ here?” Luke smiles, looks right at me then answers “Mum thought we should meet our neighbors” he says still looking and smiling at me. I could feel my heartbeat getting faster. And my face turning red. 
  “Hey mom me and Ash are going to go up to my room” I say grabbing Ashtons hand and pulling him upstairs. Once in my room I close the door as fast as possible. 
  “Awe Summer what's wrong?”
  “You know what's wrong” I say out of breath
  “It's just a guy.” he says sitting on my bed 
  “No Ash it's not ‘just a guy’ that's Luke Hemmings. Luke Fucking Hemmings!” I say pacing in front of him 
  “Okay. Well you know he thinks you’re just a girl right” 
  “Yeah I know! That's all I am to everyone!” 
  “I’m kidding. Summer sit down. ” he says grabbing my arm. 

 Almost everyone in school thinks me and Ash are dating because he can calm me down with one look. And because we are always together. And because well Ash is Ash and he’s a dork so he tells everyone that I'm his. He says that I'm going to be single till he’s taken. 
 After a few minutes I realize what Ash said. 
  “Wait you know he doesn't think I'm just a girl?” I ask looking up from what I was doing 
  “I talked to him when he first came here…?” Ash says kinda scared “...and he wouldn't shut up about you. He still won't shut up when me and him hang out” 
  “When do you hang out with other people?!” 
  “When you’re asleep or at your dads” 
  “How do you know when I'm asleep?!” 
  “Um when I mention Luke and you don't answer immediately you're asleep” 
  “I hate you” I say as my mom yells from downstairs. Both me and Ash run out of my room and down the stairs. We walk into the kitchen and see my step-dad standing beside my mom and my step-brother sitting at the table, his hair a different color again. 
  “Hi Daryl” I say as me and Ash sit at the table with my step brother. He looks up from his phone his freshly dyed hair falling in his face. 
  “Hi Michael” I say as he rolls his eyes
  “Hi Summer” he says back then looking at Ashton. Ashton nods his head. Michael nods back then goes back to doing what he was doing on his phone. 
 Ash and Mikey don't really get along with each other. They argue all the time if I'm not around. But at school Mikey doesn't get along with Luke. Luke bullies Mikey. That's the only thing I hate about him. Michael will come home and start crying. Then I'll hear him go to the bathroom or his bedroom and come out with blood running down his arms. Mom and Daryl don't know about it. But Mikey knows I know. Mikey doesn't have many friends. He's a lot like me. Except I have Ash. Mikey doesn't have any friends here. 
 I look at Mikey. Then at Ash. 
“Hey Mikey wanna come hangout with me and Ash later?” 
He looks up at me with the “Did You Really Just Ask That” look. He opens his mouth to answer.

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