Angels Do Exist (5SOS AU)

Summer Edwards is struggling with her troubled life. Her mom left when she was 3. But eventually her mother came back married and with a step son, Michael Clifford, the boy in her school that nobody liked. Then there's Luke Hemmings, the "Hottest Guy in School" who's also new kid bad boy, who all the girls are attracted to- even Summer. But Summer doesn't have the courage to even go near him, in fear that hes going to leave like her mom did. But little does she know Luke has the same feelings for her as she does her. Will she get the courage to do it? Or will Luke approach her first?


1. 1.

 I lean against the wall and watch the blonde boy who was standing at his locker, surrounded by girls. They were all giggling as he stood there saying puns and stories that you could find in a magazine or the newspaper. I watch a couple of girls walk away. 
 “Luke is so cuuute” one of them say as they walk in front of me. I couldn't disagree with them because well it's true. Luke Hemmings was the hottest guy in school. 
  “Hey Summer!” I hear my best friend Ashton Irwin say as he runs toward me. 
  “Hey” I say as he stops in front of me. 
  “What's wrong?” he says. Ashton has this strange power to know when there's something wrong with me before I do. 
  “Nothing” I say 
  “Riiighht nothing” He says “Then why are you staring at Luke” he nudges my shoulder. 
  “I don't know” I say as I watch Luke walk away from his locker. The group of girls stood there watching him like I was. 
  “Summer” Ashton says looking at me. He knew what was happening in my head. He knew that I was forming a crush on the hottest guy in school. The guy I would never have a chance with. 
 I watch as the group of girls walk the opposite direction. They walk past me. Giggling over god knows what. Most of the girls that hung around Luke were mainly cheerleaders. All of the other girls that were in love with him stayed away. They were too afraid of the cheerleaders. Afraid what they might say to him, what the cheerleaders knew about them. I don't care what they know. I don't care what they say, what they tell him. He already thinks I'm a freak. Most people do.

 About an hour later the last bell rang. I stand up from my desk. Put my books back into my bag, swing it around and put the straps over my shoulder. I walk out of class. And walk down the hall where Ashton's last hour was. I stand near the wall and wait for him. I see him walking out of the door, I walk over next to him. 
  “Hey” I say as he looks over at me
  “Ew it's you” he say with a smile making me laugh
  “Yeah I know I say that every time I look in the mirror” He laughs as he opens the door for me. He runs to catch up with me. 
  “Your very depressing you know that” 
  “You love me” I say smiling 
  “Sadly” he laughs as we get onto the sidewalk. 
 Me and Ashton have been walking home from school together since 3rd grade. That when we first met, we instantly became friends. He lives about three houses down. So we take the long way. So he gets home last. Of course he’ll come inside to eat then go home and eat some more. Because yeah he's a fatass. 

  “You know my mom isn't cooking tonight right” I say as we turn onto the street that we lived on
  “Awe really you're just now tell me this?!” he says stopping 
  “No not really dumbass” 
  “Oh okay” he says relieved. I laugh as we walk up my driveway. I see a car that's not usually there. Me and Ashton looked at each other and walked inside. I walk into the living room with Ash right behind me. And there on the couch was Luke. And his mom. 

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