Mark is a young boy attending his first year at Central Community College with his gorgeous friend Selena, a master manipulator and flirt. When Mark suddenly see's her as more than friends and attempts to take things to the next level, will he regret it or will she cooperate? Read and find out...

(Contains topics such as smoking, drinking and drugs).
(Any comments/constructive criticism would be helpful).


3. The Unknown

It felt wrong, weird without Selena by my side; it felt like half of me was missing. I mean, she’d been there my whole life, and now she was...gone. I saw her walking across the playground, “Selena, hey!” I shouted, trying to catch her up, but she just put her headphones in and continued to walk on. I didn’t know what to do. How could I continue life with just half of me? It was like having both arms but no fingers, it was nearly impossible! I continued on to maths without saying a word to anyone...
Lunchtime. Selena would usually come and sit with me, but not today. I sat alone in my own world, dreaming of the days Selena and I would play together, with our childish minds inventing all sorts of crazy games. It was so easy back then. Today, as stated earlier, Selena was not sat with me and I stood alone in this curious world, Toby later joining me and attempting to converse in a friendly manner, “so, uh, I hope you don’t mind buddy but I’ve invited some of me mates round later, cool?” Toby stammered irritably in a struggle, “whatever man,” I shook it off lightly, barely paying any attention to a word he said, “Good good. You can invite that girl, you know.” He was clearly hinting at Selena, but since I had no desire to even hear her name- let alone speak it- I shrugged it off and slumped away to the dorm instead.



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