Mark is a young boy attending his first year at Central Community College with his gorgeous friend Selena, a master manipulator and flirt. When Mark suddenly see's her as more than friends and attempts to take things to the next level, will he regret it or will she cooperate? Read and find out...

(Contains topics such as smoking, drinking and drugs).
(Any comments/constructive criticism would be helpful).


1. The Kiss

It was Tuesday night. Her face was pale, the moonlight emphasising every tiny freckle her face had. Her rose shirt waving in the wind as we sat on the bank together. The smoke flew out of her mouth with every breath she took, part of the smoke the cigarette of which she dragged on every few seconds and partly the cold of the air. She offered me the cigarette although I kindly refused, I watched her drag on it until it became too small to smoke; she threw it to the ground and stood on it, slowly pushing it into the ground with the front of her shoe. “I’m all out,” she announced, throwing her empty cigarette box to the ground, “You can’t leave that here,” I said astonished, 
“Course I can,” she said as she walked away. I followed slowly behind, debating whether to go back and pick the packet up or not. “Hurry up,” she whispered, crouched behind a hedge, “Right here’s the plan, we sneak through the main building, into the toilets and climb out the back window, that’ll lead us straight to our rooms,” she started sneaking off before she had finished. I closely followed, slightly behind, “Are you sure this will work?” I whispered, she just told me to shush. I obeyed her order and just crouched behind her. 
We got back to our rooms safely, after a lot of ducking and climbing and sneaking about. I went back to my room smelling and covered in dirt, “Could do with a shower mate,” it was my roommate Toby. “Where have you been anyway? You smell of smoke,” he rolled over to look at me, 
“Yeah, it doesn’t matter. I’ve just been out with a couple mates,”
“Don’t worry I won’t rat.” And with that, he turned over to sleep.
I woke early the next morning, for two reasons, one- I couldn’t wait to see Selena again. Two- I really needed to shower. The dribble that came from the shower was refreshing, although it would’ve been better if there were more than just a couple squirts of water and slight dribble which came out the shower. But you can’t have everything. Just as I was soaping down my body there was a knock at the door, and I was scared the lock would give way and the door would fly open, but luckily the knocking stopped and the door stayed firmly shut. “Come on mate, I’ve got to have a shower too you know,” it was Toby. 
“Yeah alright! Hold on,” I shouted back, although, with the lack of water- and sound- this shower made, I could’ve probably whispered and he’d have heard me reply. I quickly scrubbed down and grabbed the orange towel from our towel rail. I wrapped it round me and unlocked the unsteady yet OK door, letting Toby use the shower after me. “Finally! It’s already eight mate.” Eight?! That gave me ten minutes to change, hopefully bump into Selena and get to maths! I found a crumpled white shirt, which was stuffed under my bed, a pair of navy blue jeans and some socks. I hurriedly threw the clothes on and headed out the door, leaving Toby behind. As I crossed the grass, past the school phone box, just one of many, I spotted Selena crossing the stones at the other end. I hurried my pace up and finally caught up with her, “Hey,” she turned to look at me.
“Hi,” she answered, not even trying to ask me anything. 
“So about last night,” I started- she gave me a weird look, it kind of put me out of place, 
“I’ve got to go to science, bye,” she said. I left. What was all that about? Maybe she just didn’t want to talk? But why wouldn’t she want to talk? Maybe she was upset because something had happened at home? Or her and her roommate had a fight? Or she had worked hard studying and was just trying not to lose the information in her head? Yeah. I walked on to maths alone. 
“Mr Hardleck will not be joining us anymore,” it was Mr Sturn, “he has left Central Community College for good,” he continued in his aching voice, “If you have any problems,” he shuffled to the new teacher, “Come and see me,” he said to the teacher, and then he left the room.
 “Hello pupils, I am Professor Hill, I am from England and I teach mathematics,” said the new teacher (Professor Hill) “I hope we get on well together.” And then he started to teach. We had been learning complicated fractions, but Professor Hill taught us complicated fractions and decimal equations. “Right then, next time I expect everyone to be here on time,” he looked me sternly in the eye, even though I had been three whole minutes early. “Yes Sir,” we chorused, packing our books away. “Thank you Sir,” we all said as we left the room. He gave me a look I didn’t like as I left, it made me feel uncomfortable. 
“What’s up with that new teacher?” it was Selena, we were sat at lunch and she was staring at professor Hill, “He looks kind of moody, he doesn’t look like a teacher- except from those ghastly robes of course! What does he teach?” she was looking around the cafeteria, 
“Maths,” I answered, poking my fork into my pasta bake. 
“Maths. Looks like I’m going to enjoy maths even more now!” She said sarcastically. “Anyway, what are you doing after fifth period?” she asked me, changing the subject. 
“Don’t know. Might go to the gym and workout,” I said, flexing my far from muscular arm.
“Yeah, right,” Selena said, rolling her eyes. “No, you’re coming with me,” she said, mysteriously. 
“Where too?” she just gave me a look I couldn’t quite make out, and then left.
It was after lessons. I was meant to be meeting Selena, but I had no idea where. So I just went home and crashed on the couch for a bit, playing FIFA on our play station. “Coming in,” Selena said as she entered. She was wearing a blue-green tank top with white, frilly shorts. “Nice outfit,” I said, “It’s flattering on you,”
“Thanks.” She sat by me on the arm of the couch and watched my game, “we going?” she asked.
“In a sec, let me finish this game.” I answered, not taking my eyes off the screen, “Yes! Messi, top corner!” I screamed, cheering along with the virtual fans on the game!
 “Yeah, nice one, let’s go,” Selena answered, deadpan. 
“Ah come on, that was class!” I said, feeling slightly annoyed at her lack of enthusiasm. “FIFA’s awesome,” I added, trying to get her to play it with me. 
“Whatever,” she said, looking at my bookshelf. “Hm, Shakespeare huh? Nice,” she said, her mood brightening a bit. “Yeah, school projects,” I explained, not really paying attention. “Stop raiding my room anyway!” I sniped, turning off my games console and grabbing her arm, “Come on, before Toby comes back,” I said, dragging her out the room and closing the door behind us,
 “Alright!” she groaned, straining. We headed around the dorm rooms, to the car park, 
“Where we headed anyway?” I asked Selena, but she never answered. “I’m driving!” I said, but she jumped the driver’s seat first. I got shotgun.
We sat in the car without the radio on- it went bust ages ago. Selena tapped the side of the door with her finger, humming a tune. I just sat and stared out my window into the dark night. We didn’t speak. Although, the silence wasn’t awkward. That was the great thing about me and Selena. We had been friends for years and were such good friends that we could just sit in silence and it not be awkward. “Here,” she stopped the car. We were at an old tree with roots going way beneath the ground, the swirls in its trunk almost making a picture, as if telling a story. We sat beneath the tree for a while, before Selena started the conversation, “I love you.” I didn’t know what to say back, “I love you.” She repeated. “No you don’t. You don’t love me love me, you like me. As a friend.” I concluded.
“No. I love you.” She looked at me, her face looked so beautiful, so unique, but in a good way. “I do, let me prove it,” she lent in to kiss me, 
“Sh, don’t ruin it,” she said, her nose touching mine. “Stay quiet, let the moment be,” and with that, she kissed me. The kiss was so passionate, so sexy. I had imagined this moment numerous times, although I had tried to stay just friends with Selena. It had always been hard to resist her, her brunette, wavy hair, perfect blue eyes and her painted, red lips. “You’re good at kissing,” she whispered halfway through, her lips not moving away from mine. Her eyes looked so beautiful, “I hope we can do this again sometime, it’s really fun,” she giggled, her lips only slightly parted, 
“Yeah...” I whispered, “Maybe...” and with that, we went back to the dorms...
The next morning came quickly, with the sun shining through the white blinds and the birds chirping sweetly in the trees, “Be at the gym- ten minutes!” said Mr Cult, head of our year, when he knocked at our door. I got up out of my simple, four post bed and shoved on my black trousers, striped blue and orange top and white trainers, “You coming?” Toby had only just rolled over in his bed, “We got announcements today,” I reminded him, trying to spike my hair up. “Yeah, wait,” he said, rolling back over, “I’ll get up soon, don’t worry mate,” he said. Although, knowing Toby it’d be an hour before he even turned back over again. “Suit yourself, but I’m off,” I said casually. And with that, I jogged out the room. 
“Hi,” it was Selena, “about last night...”
“No it’s fine. Don’t worry about it,” I reassured her. 
“It was just a bit of fun, that’s all,” she said, giving me a weak smile before walking off the other way. I sat next to Toby, who had just arrived- two minutes early. “You got ready fast,” I acknowledged him, he nodded his head. 
“Please sit patiently, our main speaker is getting ready,” said Mr Cult. Professor Hill stood at the podium. He arched his back to make him look taller, although he was a pretty short man. “Today-“he coughed, “I shall be talking to you about learning,” we groaned. “Now shush children, as this is a very important lesson for all of you to learn.” He looked round the hall. “Some of you will deeply benefit from this,” he caught my eye, “especially those of you who either get distracted,” his glance moved from me, “to those who distract,” his gaze came back to me. I looked away from him, looking at Selena instead; she caught my eye and gave me a smile from across the gym, “looks like you’ve got a girl eh?” Toby whispered, nudging me.
“She’s a mate. Nothing else, but whatever,” I answered, sounding slightly annoyed, “no big deal,” I added, trying to sound more casual so that the annoyance in my voice disappeared. “Girls don’t look at just anyone like that pal, but hey, whatever, not my business,” Toby said, hands rose as if he was surrendering. I didn’t reply after that. 
As Professor Hill droaned on in his I-am-head-and-the-boss-of-all-you-children’s voice, I started to think about Selena and me, and how close we were. Sure, we were friends. Sure we had a couple of laughs, and sure, maybe we shared a kiss the other night. But it was no biggie, I mean, she’s kissed loads of guys, she probably does it to all her friends, right? Plus, she said it herself, ‘it was just a bit of fun,’ and I’m sure it was. But I can’t help but feel that it felt special to me, as if it really was something. 
DING! The bell went for end of first period, the assembly had lasted all that time that I had missed maths, although, the assembly wasn’t much better! I grabbed my rucksack and dodged my way out the door, carefully trying to avoid being caught up by Toby. (With the pace Toby goes at, I don’t think he could catch me anyway but I wanted to be safe).
“Hey I didn’t see you after assembly mate, where were you?” it was Toby, he was sat opposite me, next to Selena at the lunch table. “Yeah sorry about that,” I mumbled, “busy,” I answered vaguely. 
“Saw you checking me out eh? You aren’t gettin’ anywhere near me,” laughed Selena, striking a pose. 
“I was not! I was simply scanning the auditorium,” I argued, though I could feel my cheeks flushing red. 
“Yeah okay. And Pinocchio never lies,” she giggled, giving me a wink, “I’m sure that’s true, especially when your cheeks are flushing red,” she looked at me. I hid my face with embarrassment, “hey I’m just joking,” Selena said sympathetically, “didn’t mean to hurt your feelings,” she apologised. She must have felt bad I guess, but I didn’t want her to, although, her sympathy really was nice and comforting. Toby sat at the table looking rather uncomfortable, so to put him at ease I started talking about our English essay which we had been set, “so, the English essay Toby, what have you wrote for it?”
“Uh, nothing much so far, I don’t exactly know what too write, it’s a hard book to study, you know? Like it has a lot of horror and gore but at the same time it can be-“Selena yawned to express her disinterest, “yeah, I don’t really know,” mumbled Toby, standing up and leaving. 
“Yeah, me neither, see you later T,” I said as he stood up. 
“What’s up with him?” Selena asked grumpily, as Toby walked away, “someone’s moody,” she added.
“What’s up with him?! You interrupted him halfway through a sentence and yawned! That’s so rude Selena! I was trying to make him feel comfortable by talking about the essay and then you go and yawn! That must have made him feel so bad about himself! Whatever, I’m outta here.” I stood up with my tray of half-eaten lasagne and walked away from the table, leaving Selena sat alone.  



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