Mark is a young boy attending his first year at Central Community College with his gorgeous friend Selena, a master manipulator and flirt. When Mark suddenly see's her as more than friends and attempts to take things to the next level, will he regret it or will she cooperate? Read and find out...

(Contains topics such as smoking, drinking and drugs).
(Any comments/constructive criticism would be helpful).


2. The Argument


The weekend couldn’t have come quick enough; I woke early on Saturday morning to the noise of video games and loud swears. “Hey, turn that down would you? It’s five am!” I shouted over the noise of the shooting sounds in the game. “Sorry mate, hey come play? Its Cops 2- return of B.A.D,” offered Toby, 
“No thanks, I’m gonna roll over and go back to sleep,” I rejected, turning over in my bed. “Mute it would ya?” I said again, flopping back down. 
“You can’t mute it! Sound is the power that vision can’t offer. It offers more than just shooting sounds, it gives the game life! It brings it to life, as if you’re actually in the game,” rambled Toby, “You can’t just-“ “Alright, I get it,” I said, shoving my head under my pillow. 
I woke up a while later, the video games had been turned off and the couch was empty. There was no sign of Toby anywhere; he must have gone to see a friend. I went outside- the sun brightly shining, as it always did- and stood outside one of the schools phone boxes. Molly Salt was inside, on the phone to- what sounded like from outside the box- a grown man, which was probably her dad. She hung up the phone about five minutes later and held the door open for me. As I was walking inside I saw tear stains on her face, “What’s up?” I asked her, now holding the door with her, “do you miss your dad?” I questioned, giving her a small smile. “No,” she whimpered, letting go of the door and hiding her face behind her hands. “My boyfriend just dumped me,” she cried, sitting down on the sidewalk, “I love him,” she continued, “I thought he loved me too,” she shrieked, not too loudly.
“Oh Molly,” I said, and I sat down by the side of her and gave her a hug, “I’m sorry,” I carried on, even though it wasn’t my fault. “It’s okay,” she said weakly, “It’s not your problem to deal with,” she said, about to stand. “Yeah...” I said vaguely, “I hope you’re alright,” I said, feeling slightly awkward.
“I will be,” she said quietly, “I just need to speak to him again, straighten things out,” she thought aloud, “yeah, maybe you should call him?” I suggested, feeling unhelpful and slightly useless, “yeah?” I asked. “I would, but I don’t have any more dollars or quarters,” she said slowly, “I’ll call him another time,” she continued.
“Here,” I handed her my last quarter,
“Oh I can’t,” she replied, “I have barely known you five minutes, I can’t take your money,” she said shyly, “yes you can. I’m giving it to you to call him, now go ahead,” I encouraged, slightly pushing her, but gently. “Thank you. I am very grateful!” she said, “you are so generous,” she said thankfully, looking joyful. “No problem, anyway, I’d better scoot, got to go quarter hunting now,” I said with a wink; she gave me a slight giggle. 
About midday I went over to the ‘crash room,’ the room where all the kids go to hang out when we’re not studying, and there I saw Toby. “Hey, where did you go this morning?” I smiled, joining him on the couch, “oh, went for a stroll,” he vaguely sighed, “got this book,” he showed me the cover of the book which he was reading, “Shoot squad three,” I read aloud, “sounds...interesting?” I said, not quite sure how to react, “yeah, it’s David Morr’s books, he writes loads of books, about aliens, army men and other stuff like that, he’s like, my role model,” stammered Toby. 
“You seem to really like this David Morr dude, huh?” I asked, actually getting quite interested in this guy, 
“yeah, I have been since I was about eight,” replied Toby, seemingly happy, “I’ve read most of his books about a thousand times,” he continued, “All except, ‘Dawn Descents- A price to pay,’ that was really famous, but apparently unsuitable for his collection, so they removed it from stores completely, and it’s not been published for about twenty years,” Toby cried, seeming pretty upset about it. 
“Bummer hey,” I said, getting an idea but trying not to show the excitement in my voice.
“Yeah,” sighed Toby, continuing to read, “I wish I could find it somewhere,” it sounded to me as if he was hinting, but I didn’t mind. “I’m gonna go play table tennis with Josh, you coming?” I stood up as I spoke, “no thanks,” Toby said, raising his book to show he was busy reading it. 
“’K, see ya later then,” I said, waving.
“Bye,” I heard Toby say as I was leaving.
I headed over to the table tennis table, where Josh and Randy were standing, “hey guys, can I play?” I questioned, bouncing one of the balls on the table, “push off would ya? We’re busy over here,” Randy sneered, turning his back on me. “Ah, come on,” I persuaded, “one game?” I continued to push, but Randy refused. “I’ll play against ya,” Josh said, grabbing a bat and bouncing the ball, ready to serve, “you’re on. I’m totally gonna win though,” I said, starting the smack talk.
“Ha, yeah right!” scoffed Josh as he whacked the ball across the table, “oh! Damn!” he cursed as the ball bounced once and then flew across the room. “Ha ha, better look next time,” I said jokingly, “my serve,” I said, once I had got the ball, “three, two-“
“Just hurry up!” yelled Randy, obviously becoming impatient. We continued the game. I won. 
“That was fun!” cheered Josh, “let’s do it again sometime?”
“Sure, that’d be great,” I smiled, walking off.
After lunch I decided to stroll along to my dorm, stopping at Selena’s on the way. I knocked twice before entering, “Selena,” I said, composing myself,
“What?” she snapped, she seemed a bit on edge today.
“What’s the matter with you? Yesterday you were rude to Toby and now you’re snapping at me, you need to chill,” I said coolly, “and you need to apologise,” I added, a sense of authority in my voice, but then slipping away. “Sorry,” she apologised, head hanging as she sat on her bed, “could we...have a minute?” she asked her roommate- Talia. 
“Sure, I’ve got too run anyway, bye!” Talia said, grabbing some books and her rucksack, and then leaving. “I’ll see you later,” she said behind the closed door, before running off. 
“So what’s up then Selena? Why are you snappy?” I asked, joining her on the bed, “is it my fault?” I asked, slightly worried she would say yes. “No, of course not, I’ve a lot going on, that’s all, and I don’t need dumb kids like- I mean, distractions, around,” stumbled Selena, quite rapidly. “So, you’d better leave then. I’m busy,” she moaned, standing. 
“What? But Selena...” I started, “you can’t go round saying stuff like this! Dumb kids, yeah, that’s a hurtful expression, you need to stop. You’re gonna lose us all mate,” I said, walking out the room and slamming the door.
The next day in Religions class, Selena tried to speak to me, but I just ignored her. I’m so sick of her! She thinks she can do whatever she wants, and that she can get away with it, yeah right! “C’mon, I’m sorry, listen to me, please babes,” she begged, “You haven’t got to answer, just listen.” She concluded, “what?!” I yelled. 
“Silence! I will not tolerate shouting across my classroom children, Selena, detention! And you,” Mr Co, religions teacher said, eying me. “Sorry Sir,” we chorused apologetically, bowing our heads.
“As you should be, right now back to work. So, beliefs...” continued Mr Co, I just faced away from Selena for the rest of the lesson.
It was after lessons and I and Selena sat glumly in detention, watching other kids go to the crash room, feeling envious. “Hey,” Selena whispered as Mr Co left the room for a moment, “come on, please talk to me Mark,” she begged quietly. 
“What?! We’re in detention! I’m not getting another because of you whispering and whimpering at me so shut up,” I hissed out of the side of my mouth.
“You know what, never mind,” Selena scornfully snipped, I suddenly felt quite bad for her. I was about to apologise but Mr Co came back in the room just at that moment. “Right, you have half an hour left, any talking and it’ll be an extra half an hour added onto your time, understand?” we nodded. “Right, Ms Peters will be taking over now,” Ms Peters shuffled in the room.
“Hallo children. I am Ms Peters,” she spoke with a French accent, “I will be watching your detention,” we just sat and stared back at her blinking eyes. 
“I haven’t even done it,” it was Toby talking about the English homework, “I’ll just wing it,” he chuckled, although I had tried really hard to prep mine and would be pretty annoyed if he got a better level than me even though he wouldn’t even have tried on it. “Yeah, guess I’ll do the same eh?” I said, trying to look cool but realising I failed miserably. “Hey, can I speak to you please? Outside?” It was Selena, she had just come into our room and was gesturing at me, “sure, but hurry.” I said, pretty sharpish. We stepped outside mine and Toby’s room and sat on the sidewalk, “so...” Selena started, “I am sorry,” she said softly, “about everything...” she continued, voice cracking. 
“It’s okay. But please Selena, just tell me what’s up. I want to help!” I cried, feeling concerned. 
“No, I can’t, I’d appreciate if you didn’t mention it again...” her voice tailed off, “okay, so stop.” 
“No. I refuse! Selena we’ve been friends for years, why can’t you tell me this! I tell you everything, you know that! So why’s it different now? We’re best friends! So why Selena?! Why?!” I was almost in tears  by this point, I just didn’t get it, she knew I told her everything so why wouldn’t she tell me? “I can’t and if you can’t accept that then you should find a new friend. Goodbye,” and with that, she stood up from the sidewalk, and dashed away. 


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