The Bad -ass Luna

Artemis is a werewolf. She has no care for clothes and is the daughter of the Alpha of Full moon pack. She is 18 years old and is searching for her mate. The only problem is she is never in school when she is meant to. Her skipping school means she could pass her mate and not even know it.
Hunter is the Alpha of the Silver moon pack and the headmaster to its school for the growing pups. The problem is he has no luna and is struggling. When a new girl enrols and walks into his office. He see something he likes...


3. New School...

Artemis POV

Tweet tweet.

"Ugh stupid birds," I groan," At least it's not my annoying alarm."

Er er er er er. 

The alarm goes off.

"For the love of God. SHUT UP!!!!" I scream smashing the alarm across the room.

Oh shoot that was my 20th alarm this month. I think to myself dragging myself of the bed and pulling my tired body to my bathroom. 

"Arty, I hope you did not break that alarm. Wait why do I even ask. You did break it did you not?" Mum cried.

"No I didn't do it." I lie through my teeth.

"I hoped you would tell the truth already. You are always lying to me about fights and school." Mum sighed.

"Why did you ask me if you knew." 

And with that I hop into the shower and have a 10 min bath and hop out. I go to the walk in wardrobe in my second room. Yes I have two rooms my desk takes up most of my Room and won't fit in my original room. I chose a black crop top and blue high waisted jeans with my black combat boots. I slide down the banister of the stairs and jump down. I go to the infirmary to check on my sister and see nothing has changed and stalk back to the house grab a waffle and hop on my bike. New school.. New group.. New friends... And more teachers to prank. This is gonnabe fun.

*************************************************AT SCHOOL*******************************************

I park directly at the entrance and shake my hair out. OOPS. For forgot to do my hair. Oh well. It looks ok anyways. All the boys were wolf whistling but that always happens. But then out of the corner of my eye is see a girl getting forced to do these slut's homework.

"OI. Leave her alone." I shout stalking over, shimmering in rage at the idea of bullies. I may be mean but not to people who can't stand up against me. That's cruel. It's meant to be a joke. 

"Oh look. The new school whore is saving the day." The slutty whore said. So I guessing that is the leader of the group.

"Takes one to know, Hun. Before you talk about me take look at the mirror than clean it. It might steam up at the sight of your overly make-uped face." I smirk satisfied at her face.

"How dare you. I will make you eat those words unless you take it back and I would spare you. After all you are new." She says.

"Really cause it sounds like your all talk and no walk. So lets do this. Try and keep up." I claim and put my fists up and get into a fighting stance.

She smiles and lunges, I side stepped and grabbed her arm and smacked her stomach against my knee. She coughs up blood and crumbles to the floor. Her buddies come at me and at this point everyone is crowding round watching the school slut get the biggest beating of her life. I front flip over her friends and one crashes into a pole knocking herself out with a bloody nose.  I just give a hearty laugh.

"You bitch." Slut #3 says charging. I simple do a flying kick that lands in her face giving a muddy imprint in the middle of her head. 

"Ha. What challenge are you?  You are dumber than sharks." I state walking to the girl when a male runs to Slut #1 cradling her head. He looks at me with hatered in his eyes, and looks like he would attack with her in his arms when a voice booms through the area.

"Get your mate to the infimary, Thunder. She needs the check up. Everyone else go to class and two people take Claire and Cher to the infirmary too!" The male says. 

Got to be the alpha of the pack to have this kind of effect on the school. But not me.

As I say this to myself Thunder gives me the death stare so i give him a venomous, look surprise written on his face before he runs of.

" And you Mate are coming with me." the alpha says.

His voice is music to my ears.

I couldn't agree more. My wolf Lyalle(Le-a-lle)says,swooning. Yes actually swooning.

Oh shut up would you.

No he is mine. So eyes off him, Artemis.

He is our mate so don't get all big headed in this joint.


And just like that she is gone.

"Mmmm. Yes that sounds like a good idea. Wait. MATE!"

Sometimes I swear I don't speak English.

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