The Bad -ass Luna

Artemis is a werewolf. She has no care for clothes and is the daughter of the Alpha of Full moon pack. She is 18 years old and is searching for her mate. The only problem is she is never in school when she is meant to. Her skipping school means she could pass her mate and not even know it.
Hunter is the Alpha of the Silver moon pack and the headmaster to its school for the growing pups. The problem is he has no luna and is struggling. When a new girl enrols and walks into his office. He see something he likes...


6. Mine...

Hunter's POV

As my mate collapsed I caught her ignoring the pain in my arm. I slowly inspect the damage done to the room and sigh. There was a gaping hole in the wall from when I was thrown, the bed sheets strewn across the floor and IV drips along the floor the liquid spilling from the punctured bag as the metal sat and lay on top of the bags. Fuck, her IV's came out. That explains why she blacked out. Well it kinda is a good thing. I'm surprised that she didn't kill me. As I was mind linking the doctor for help I started to move her but didn't get far with my broken arm.

Doctor, you were right she was pissed and now the room is a slight mess. Her IV's came out and I can't move her back to her bed cause I think she broke my arm. Help is needed.

Alpha I warned you. I'm on my way with the plaster and spare IV's. Just sit still and don't move her too much please. Try to keep her as comfortable as you can.


I shut the connection off and looked down. She was shivering. I took my hoodie of and gently placed it on her cold body, wondering why her eyes are 3 different colours. Oh well they look cool yet scary. I don't what to fuck around with her now.

Yeah you do. You thought about before the argument.

You perverted ass dog of a wolf. Shut your muzzle before I do it for you.

Yeah. Sure. Whatever. You can't deny it. We are the same in body and mind.

I growled and closed the connection as the door opened. The doctor stared in disbelief at the damage when he saw the state his Luna and Alpha was in he started to rush  around and prepare to set my arm and stablise Artemis.

"Alpha, may I?" He spoke to me asking the question to have permission to poke and prod my mate. I sighed and nodded. When he touched her he kept one eye on me and the other on her. With each touch I growled.

"All done Alpha. I'm just going to move her to the bed as you in no state to move her yourself." Doctor Richard said.

"Are you saying I'm, your Alpha, weak. So weak that I can't carry my own mate who is passed out." I growled, deeply offended.

" Alpha I didn't mean it like that but we can't risk damaging your arm any more. " He quickly replies.

I just grunt and start to pick her up despite his protests and almost drop her. Richard,the Doctor, ran over and gently took her away to the now straightened bed causing me to growl.

"I'm sorry Alpha but your arm. I couldn't take the risk of it getting damaged any more than it already is." He says referring to the growl.

"I don't care. I caused her pain and now I'm gonna pay the price no matter what So I could have held her!" I scream at him, collapsing from sadness.

Hi guys I'm so sorry for this late update but my laptop was and still is on the blink.

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