The Bad -ass Luna

Artemis is a werewolf. She has no care for clothes and is the daughter of the Alpha of Full moon pack. She is 18 years old and is searching for her mate. The only problem is she is never in school when she is meant to. Her skipping school means she could pass her mate and not even know it.
Hunter is the Alpha of the Silver moon pack and the headmaster to its school for the growing pups. The problem is he has no luna and is struggling. When a new girl enrols and walks into his office. He see something he likes...


5. Marked...

Hunter's POV


Stupid wolf. Had to go and mark her.

Shut up. You wanted to do it as well.

But not that far. Or without her consent Lyall. You are so stupid.

Hey that's not fair. I just wanted her to be ours.  


OK ok. No need to shout. Jeez.

I shut of the connection. Then the pack doctor came in.

"She is awake. But be careful. She only just woke up and might be angry at you." He said.

"Thank you. " I say dismissing him with a wave of my hand. Sure angry. Doubt it. I open the door to her room and smiled. She is beautiful asleep. I see the mark and give a small smile. I'm happy she has it but sad that i forced it.  A strand of hair falls into her face. I brushed it aside. Bad choice of course. Her eyes snapped open and a growl escaped her lips. I was shocked her eyes were three different colours. Her brown,yellow and red eyes burned holes through me, I started to comfort her.

"Shh. It's ok, now. I'm Sorry." I say struggling to keep my voice soft. I'm not used to it.

Her eyes flashed and she screamed "GET AWAY FROM ME!!!"

The scream set me flying back. 

Artemis's POV

I screamed "GET AWAY FROM ME."

The shock and pain reflected in his eyes. Good. That is what he gets for marking me without my permission. Like seriously.

Anyways before I woke a fox spoke to me.

Hey Chica. I'm a fox spirit and apart of you. My name is Red so I'm the opposite of your wolf. Colour wise of course.

Why are you here?

Charming. I'm here as you are marked. When you were born I was there but couldn't reach you till you were marked. You are special and don't forget it. I'm gonna go. Your mate is touching you and I doubt you want him to at the moment. Adios.

Cya. Wait. What. That bastered.

The connection broke and my eyes snapped open. I heared a gasp and then I screamed. I thought I forgot how to. 

Author's veiw

As Hunter started to groan and sit up. Artemis felt a wave of power over come her as she stood.

"What the hell. I said I'm sorry. No need to throw me across the room without touching me. Shit I think my arm is broken." Hunter said,confused thinking that if he apologised it would be fine.

"I know it is broken. I can feel it. And no it's not fine that you marked me. It's unfair. I didn't give you my consent. And you marked me anyways." Artemis takes a breath before cursing him in Spanish" Qué coño ocurre con usted. Usted fue a mucho en la parte posterior de mi cuello y duele como una perra y crees te perdonaría si te disculpas. Eres más tonto que mira!"

"What the fuck is wrong with you. You went to far into the back of my neck and it hurts like a bitch and you think I would forgive you if you apologies. You are dumber than you look!" Artemis says pissed of.

The look on his face was priceless. His eyes were flicking from yellow to blue so his wolf wants control, Artemis just smirked and laughed at him saying he looks like a toddler and taunting him.


"First off I'm not your LUNA. Secondly don't shout at me and thirdly I didn't give you permission and now my body is in pain constantly for you went deeper than you meant to in TWO FUCKING SECONDS. ALSO THE BACK OF MY NECK HURTS NOW LIKE A BITCH. SO I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE PISSED!" Artemis yelled back.

They sized each other up before Hunter attacked. He used his body to cage her against the wall. I mean Lyall caged her against the wall and Red came though hating the thought of being caged. She kicked him where the sun don't shine, flipped him over her shoulder as he grunted in pain and slammed him on the floor twisting his broken arm. As Red receded to the back of her mind with a smug smile on her lips Artemis started to see black dotes that start to plague her vision. As her mate sat up clutching his arm she fainted from over using her power.



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