The Bad -ass Luna

Artemis is a werewolf. She has no care for clothes and is the daughter of the Alpha of Full moon pack. She is 18 years old and is searching for her mate. The only problem is she is never in school when she is meant to. Her skipping school means she could pass her mate and not even know it.
Hunter is the Alpha of the Silver moon pack and the headmaster to its school for the growing pups. The problem is he has no luna and is struggling. When a new girl enrols and walks into his office. He see something he likes...


2. Leaving...

"She expelled you... For protecting your sister who if I remember correctly is in hospital because of them. Que hijo de puta va a tener, lo que viene a ella. Marca mis palabras.That son of a bitch is going to have whats coming to her. Mark my words" Sofia retorted,the threat hanging in the air, her anger and hurt rolling of of her like a wave of pain. Artemis smiled look kindly to her close friend, emptying her locker whilst soothing her heated friends temper. And she thought she was bad. Looks like they have more in common than they thought.. Her soft brown eye calming her friend. Yes. Eye. she has the gift of heterochoroma her left eye is red and her right eye is a soft chocolate brown. When she is angry she literally sees red as her left eye glows.

"It's ok, we will see each other soon. We are in the same pack after all and when I'm Alpha you would be my Beta." Artemis smiles soothingly. Sofia smiled and replied.

"Until then I suppose."

"Until then." The best friends went separate ways one to Spanish class and one  to the door. Her locker empty now. As she put her bag into her top box case on her bike. She grabbed her helmet and put her leather jacket and gloves on and zoomed down the road, zigzagging through the cars. *****************************************************************************************************************************



"I'm home. Principal Anderson has had enough of me. I beat a girl up for hurting Clarissa and talking smack about her. She was a whore anyways." I smiled at the memory of K.Oing the slutty bitch who hurt my sister. Putting my older sibling in a coma to be exact so I did the same to her. Clarissa's mate took advantage of her weak mindedness and beat her and Kayleigh helped. She thought I wouldn't find out but she realised she was wrong when I kicked her sorry fake ass to the Caribbean and back." I give a sickly laugh. It sounded evil but I don't care anymore she deserved it. Well that's what I thought before I saw a infuriated Spanish she-wolf standing before me, trembling with rage.


" ¿Que acabas de decir? Eres estúpido. Esa fue la escuela que te gustó y ahora tenemos que inscribirte en esa escuela de paquetes. ¡Idiota! AAARGH!!! ¿Qué pretendemos hacer contigo?" With her anger spent, Mum sat hard into the dinning room chair. I step back careful not to go to far. My dad then comes out and starts talking. "You have some explaining to do young lady. You have jumped from school to school and we have had to move the pack because the schools are so far. You are so lucky that this school is an hours drive cause the pack would of needed to move AGAIN because of your foolish actions and behaviour!!! Etiam vel maxime curat. Sunt autem multa de rebellis ." That's my Hispanic Dad talking in Latin. His red eyes are glowing so I'm treading on thin ice. "You know what... I don't want to hear your excuses. Just go to your room." The Alpha has spoke and decision made. But i can't help but say this last thing in Spanish so they both understand as clearly as possible... " La habitación es compartir con mi hermana. Quién está en su lecho de muerte..." "The room that I share with my sister. Who is on her death bed..." As I slam my door shut I hear sobs and murmurs of comfort and know I went to far. But I'm not backing down. What is done is done. But my wolf now whimpers in shame her tail between her legs, so I play the music I wrote and listen whilst singing along lost in my own thoughts...


































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