The Bad -ass Luna

Artemis is a werewolf. She has no care for clothes and is the daughter of the Alpha of Full moon pack. She is 18 years old and is searching for her mate. The only problem is she is never in school when she is meant to. Her skipping school means she could pass her mate and not even know it.
Hunter is the Alpha of the Silver moon pack and the headmaster to its school for the growing pups. The problem is he has no luna and is struggling. When a new girl enrols and walks into his office. He see something he likes...


9. Kidnapped...AGAIN

Hunters POV

Shit. Shit. SHIT!!! God dammit. Cher said she was leaving till December but then she went and timed it perfectly before she kissed me. Artemis saw and ran. The Rouges are surrounding our perimeter so she better not go for a run. Oh who am I fooling? Of course she is going for a run.


Lyall kept shouting in my head giving me a headache. But the dog is right. Even though he persuaded me into thinking that Cher was Artemis and now look. I'm missing a mate. I wished that I could have started the search earlier but I can only start now. That Hoe kept trying to get me to mark her. Claiming that the "girl is gone and out of our way" I swear down she is psychotic. As I'm running I mind-link all the warriors and patrols to help find their Luna and they don't respond they just do it. That's the thing with the pack and Luna's. The Luna gets more love. I hear a chorus of howls from my warriors and smile. They are the best warriors in the US and I can see why. I jump out the window and shift mid air. Letting the sound of my clothes rip sooth me slightly. As I land, Lyall demands control so I hand him the reins and before you know it our midnight black wolf is running like the wind. I catch her fading scent and sprint. But when I arrive I see the destruction and feel like I am missing my other half. My Mate. The mother of my pack. What have I done? I let a sorrowful howl leave my lips and lay down in the bloody chaos. Her blood splattered on the trees and the floor. Being embedded into the soil. Most of the blood of the rouges fill the air with its pungent scent but I will always smell the distinct scent of my missing mate.

*********************30 mins ago****************************

Artemis's POV

"Why hello there Artemis. Did you miss me?" The monsters says. His words penetrate through my brain. Like a hot knife through butter.

"No. Why would I miss your pug of a wolfs face?" I snarl back, glaring daggers through his body. He snarls back with a death glare that could send me 6 feet under.  

"Aww. Didn't you learn from the first beating? Cause I can just do it again and finish what I started."I smirk as the words leave my mind. These words caused him to pounce and I side step effortlessly. I smile and pounce my midnight blue fur with gold and red specks glisten in the fading sun. As I land on his back I bark sharply in his ear for his wolf to understand. A threat and secret that will follow him in his grave. After his throat is ripped from it's fleshy host I relised that I'm surrounded. I silently curse myself for turning my back on the enemy whilst killing. There's about 20 rouges and I can take 10 down but 20 is cutting it fine. I sigh and pray to the moon goddess that I will get out of this little mishap alive. They attack one by one then in groups and I'm pinned down. They try to get me to be submissive but I was defiant so I feel a cloth being put over my mouth and the one thing I remember is that I was dragged in the back of a van and that they had to two cloths of Chloroform. Huh. I'm actually that strong.

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