The rise of the phoinex

Average teen girl. No.
Powerful. Defo,
Dangerous.Hell yes.
Don't play with magic with Phoinex Flame around cause she would burn you to the ground. She has the power of all magic. But when she and her her friends go alone after school to see whats on the horizon and go back in time would they be able to get back and not destroy anything. Or are they stuck in the grasps if the Midnight pack.



"I have chosen you to, Cheri to protect my daughter with your life. You must remember to train her into a beautiful young lady that can desive anyone to get what she needs. She has the the power to destroy the world so be careful. The Midnight pack are hunting her down to get her to work with them so name her Phoenix Flame to activate her powers. When she is of age she will go through the portal and save her friends and family." Now you are probably wondering who on earth this creature is babbling about going back in time and rescuing this person and that. Well that is Phoinex. The bird who is now part of our heroine. And her adoptive mother Cheri,her protector until she is of age to go back in time to her knight in shining armour.(Gag)Anywho lets fast forward to her teen years. That is the juicy part.

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