The rise of the phoinex

Average teen girl. No.
Powerful. Defo,
Dangerous.Hell yes.
Don't play with magic with Phoinex Flame around cause she would burn you to the ground. She has the power of all magic. But when she and her her friends go alone after school to see whats on the horizon and go back in time would they be able to get back and not destroy anything. Or are they stuck in the grasps if the Midnight pack.



"Guys, hold up."Phoenix hollered as  her friends Ash(Ashley),Mia,Lillie and Cole walked away from their school not knowing if they would see it ever again. Cresant Hill Academy may not be a perfect school but they loved it all the same. Phoenix ran to their side heavily panting not realising her supernatural power that she and her friend's hold, to inherit over an accident.

"Are Y'all in a hurry cause your walking like you have a pack of hungry wolves on your tail. And quite frankly I don't want to get left behind." Phoenix felt excluded completely forgetting where they were meant to be going and Ash did not plan on telling her but says "Look sugar if ya forget you wait till we arrive. But since you asked nicely I will push you over the edge when we get there, half brain."


Now Ash is short tempered but that is what makes them stick like glue, Ash and Phoenix qrew up the horsey part of Texas thenthere families move to Atlanta.

Cole is secretive so I don't know about him and Lillie and mia are twins who have the tendancy to prank people. Now lets fast forward to where they are going.


"Wow! This is beautiful but I am about as clueless as a fish in its tank." Mia stated. Matter of fact as she is, she still likes a joke or two. But she wasn't joking. The ground was full of grass by this thing that stands in the middle of the space, not once touching the ground. Everywhere else is and was a wasteland not a single source of life around. Or so they thought...

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