Jack Rossberg is a hacker who goes by the online name of Slime. (villain)


1. Maniac Evolved

"Jack dinners ready" shouted Johnny. Slim, Grey Eyes, Blue Hair,

"Coming Bro" replied Jack. Slim,Green Eyes and Hair.

Jack sprinted across the basement to the dinning area.

"Anna, Slim And Fin are dropping by to eat with us" said Johnny.

"i was wondering why there was so much" Jack thought to himself.

Moments later they heard the security inner hatch open to allow Slim(really slim, Black hair and eyes) to drop through on to the entrance mat. He carried on to drop his coat on to the hanger and walked into the dinning area.

"Hi all" slim said enthusiastically.

"Hi slim" Jack replied.

"whats up?" replied slim.

"the usual" Jack said



(Work In Progress)

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