Banana Boy (Len Kagamine x Best Friend!Reader)

This is a Len Kagamine x Reader Fan fiction. If you don't like it then please no hate. This is the first time I write a fan fiction so please give me support. Thank you!

(y/n) - your name
(f/n) - first name
(l/n) - last name
(h/c) - hair color
(e/c) - eye color
(f/c) - favorite color


2. Two-Faced Bestie

The three friends were walking through the halls of the school when they heard loud girls chattering throughout the long hallway. In the middle of the large group they saw a teal-haired girl, Hatsune Miku.

Miku spotted the (h/c) haired girl and waved at her happily. The girl waved back at the sophomore. The teal-haired girl skipped over to the small group, her pigtails bouncing up and down.

"Hello, (y/n)!" Miku excitedly hugged the smaller girl. "Hi, Miku!" (y/n) hugged the preppy girl back. "I missed you so much!" Miku exclaimed, "How was your summer?" The girl's face brightened up, "It was amazing! I got to go to the beach and..." While they were talking about like they have been best friends forever (which they haven't), Rin and Len looked at each other annoyed.

Hatsune Miku went to the same middle school as (y/n) and the Kagamine twins. Miku and (y/n) were in the same homeroom. They sat beside each other in class. One day, Miku asked for (y/n)'s notes for an upcoming test. After that they started talking and soon enough they became best friends. The twins never really liked Miku so they tried to not talk to her or be around her. But that always failed because they would be with (y/n) and Miku would always somehow find her.

The bell ringed, signaling all of the students to get to class. "Well I guess it's time to go." Rin sighed, relieved that they could finally go. "Aww, already?" Miku pouted. "We'll be going now Miku, see you later!" (y/n) waved at the slightly taller girl as she turned to leave. The twins followed behind her, not even saying bye to the popular female.

As they left, Miku stared at them. But she was looking at someone specifically, Len Kagamine. She always knew that (y/n) secretly liked him since middle school. She knew that Len liked her too, but (y/n) never knew that. Miku wanted to steal Len from her so she could wipe that perky smile off of her face. She's jealous. She doesn't admit it. But she is. Miku wants to be the most popular girl in school, so she will try and make (y/n) never come to school again.

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