Banana Boy (Len Kagamine x Best Friend!Reader)

This is a Len Kagamine x Reader Fan fiction. If you don't like it then please no hate. This is the first time I write a fan fiction so please give me support. Thank you!

(y/n) - your name
(f/n) - first name
(l/n) - last name
(h/c) - hair color
(e/c) - eye color
(f/c) - favorite color


4. Private "Talk"

After school, Len was walking out of the building with Rin and (y/n). Then they heard a high-pitched girly voice from behind them, "Len~" It was Miku. Len wanted to die when he heard his name come out of her mouth, especially like that. (y/n) turned around to face the teal-haired girl, "Oh hi, Miku!" She said cheerfully. "Hello, I was wondering if I could borrow Len for a few minutes?" She tilted her head. "Oh sure." (y/n) said a little sadly but still keeping a cheerful face on. "Great, thanks~" Miku grabbed Len's arm and pulled him back into the building. "H-Hey, wait!"

Miku pulled Len into an empty classroom. "Hey!" Len yelled, "What are we doing he-mn!" Miku cut him off with a kiss. Len blushed so deep he thought he was going to black out. Miku pulled away from him. "So, I'm guessing that was your first kiss?" She smirked looking at his deep red face. He nodded his head, startled. She kissed him again but deeper. He wrapped his arms around her waist. He was actually starting to enjoy this.

While they were making out, Len could hear footsteps outside the classroom. Then someone opened the door, it was (y/n). "Len, what is taking so lo-" Her heart sank. She saw her best friend kissing her crush. She felt tears well up in her eyes. Then hot tears started running down her cheek. "(y/n)..." Len said her name softly. "Oh hello, (y/n)!" Miku waved happily like nothing happened. "What's wrong?" She tilted her head, " Did I make you cry because I was kissing your crush?" She smirked. Len's eyes widened. (y/n) kept silent and ran out of the classroom, crying.

Rin came in the classroom, wondering why (y/n) ran out crying. She saw in the empty classroom Len and Miku. Rin was confused, "What happened?" Then she noticed lipstick prints on Len's neck and lips. She turned to look at Miku, "Did you make out with Len?!" Miku just kept smirking. Rin stomped over to her and slapped her. "You know she likes him!" Len's cheeks blushed hearing that comment from his sister. She likes me?, he kept thinking. Miku stayed silent. Rin took her brothers arm and stormed out the classroom.

"W-Wait, Rin!" Rin turned around and slapped him too. "Why in hell would you want to make out with her?!" She yelled in his face, "Maybe you don't know this but (y/n) has had a crush on you for a long time!" She was really mad. Her face was turning red. "You just broke her heart so now you will probably never be with her!" That made Len's eyes get heavy. He wanted to cry. He has always wanted to be with his crush for so many years. Rin calmed down a bit, "I bet she already went home." She took out her phone and started texting (y/n). "Let's just go home, I'll call her when we get there." Rin walks out of the school and starts walking home with her brother following behind her.

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