The Wanderers

Jason Mori always did the right thing. He spoke only when spoken to, recited his allegiance pledge every day, never missed a class, and always did his homework. He was a perfect little sheep in a perfect little herd. Except for one thing: Jason Mori liked boys. With Jason's matching ceremony rapidly approaching, he tries to rig his compatibility test so he can match with a boy.
Unfortunately for Jason, that is against the rules. [Inspired by Peter Pan] [3rd in the Beauty and the Beast Competition]


1. Teaser

The only mistake I made was thinking I was invincible. But in Etona, that's a pretty damn big mistake to make. They will always get you. You can run, you can hide, you can stomp your little feet and cry until someone comes to save you--but in the end, they will get you. Honestly, I don't know why I kept running.

My chest heaved with the force of my breath as my feet slammed against the pavement. I could feel a hole ripping through the rubber sole of my favorite pair of black converse shoes, and the rocky gravel making homes for themselves in the skin of my feet, but I didn't stop. Their voices were faint shouts as I pushed my way through the crowd, desperately trying to make it to the front gate. I was going so fast I almost felt like I was flying.

The glowing letters of the amusement park sign glowed brightly as I approached them: Neverland Parks, Where You Never Have To Grow Up. I felt my lips curl up into a smile, the sweet taste of freedom teasing my tongue.  I was so close. If I could just get out, I could find my father, and he would tell them that I didn't mean any harm. He would stop them. 

I skidded to a painful stop. 

The Wanderers, coming to Movellas April 2017

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