Pregnant with the bad boy

In this book, it about a young pretty girl that is a unknown nerd in her school. But what happen when the most popular school play boy invited you to his house party. How will it goes?
[© 2017 All rights reserved by TomBoy and cover reserved by Gabby/Beautifully music nerd]


1. Introducing Rose!

Hey my name is and and I love school very much. I got all A's in my class, but I really want Peoples to notice me but I'm like the most unknown person in school, even that ugly guy in school is well known in school but he's not popular like Luke.


Luck is a handsome guy in school, I really want him to be my boyfriend but a nerdy girl like me will never get him. Like for real that ugly guy doesn't even want me. A lot of people say that ugly person name is Jake.


I'm 15 years old live in Saint Paul in Mn, living in a beautiful neighborhood that is friend with my mother. My mother is a single mother that raise me and my brother John. I love my brother but he kinda is annoyed. John is my older brother he's 19 years old.


The bell had ring. I have to go to first hour now because I don't want to be late for class.

______________________________________________________________ What do you think will happen?


1 Favorites - and I will write the next chapter!

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