Pregnant with the bad boy

In this book, it about a young pretty girl that is a unknown nerd in her school. But what happen when the most popular school play boy invited you to his house party. How will it goes?
[© 2017 All rights reserved by TomBoy and cover reserved by Gabby/Beautifully music nerd]


15. I'm sorry Lily

I went to my room as fast as I could. I just didn't know what to do! I thought he was... for me. 

I don't know if I should be mad at him or forgive him. Tomorrow I have school, I'll have to get ready school. Someone called me. I went over there and saw Jason called me. I didn't know if I should answer or decline. 

I decided to answer because I wanted to hear his excuse. "ROSE!" Jason yell. "Rose, I'm really sorry..." He said, I cried and didn't respond. I don't know if I still love him after he cheated on me. 

"Hello...Rose do you hear me?" Jason said. I then heard a woman in the background saying something. She said "Jason come and give me a taste" She told Jason. I then cried so badly. I then hung up.

He kept calling me,So I blocked him. "ROSE!!!" My grandma yelled. Am I trouble? I went up to her. "ROSE WHAT IS THIS!" She said and throw me a pregnancy test. I didn't catch it so I picked it up. 

"Grandma..." I said "This is not mine" I lied to her. "Then who is it?" She asked. "My friend, Lily" I lied again. "Oh my! I got to call her mom, she's to young to get pregnant!" 

I'm sorry Lily.....

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