Pregnant with the bad boy

In this book, it about a young pretty girl that is a unknown nerd in her school. But what happen when the most popular school play boy invited you to his house party. How will it goes?
[© 2017 All rights reserved by TomBoy and cover reserved by Gabby/Beautifully music nerd]


3. Getting tips

I went home from begin very happy. I can't believe the love of my life had invited me to something! I was in love with him since 3rd grade when he moves to the school. And he always has a party like weekly, I actually don't know why he had so much party. But every time he throws a party, one girl always come to school saying "I'm the lucky girl here" and "Best night ever at your house" 


Like every party one girl would say that. I bet one day I will say that too when I go to the party. I was at the doorstep going through my closest for a pretty dress, but what I say was very bad dress that my mom bought me. I don't like the dress my mom bought me but I got to lie to her so she won't re buy a new one. 


I don't want to waste her moneys. I went up to my brother because I want tips from him. "Hey John how do you want your girlfriend to look like at a party" I askes and he looked at me "What kind of question is that?" He ask. I look at him with a please face. "Fine!"said His final answer. "Well, I want her NOT to look like you" He said that looking at me "Because you really need a makeover, and you're really ugly" He answers. I look like I'm gonna cry and ran of the room without talking to him. "SORRY SIS!" My brother yell at me.


John POV

I wasn't trying to be mean but that the truth. She looks ugly and I'm really mean it. I'm always scare to bring her with me because she ugly. I look nothing like her, I look like my dad. She doses not look like my mom or dad. But what doesn't make sense is that, aren't you supposed to look like your parents? 


I meant I love my only sister but she really is ugly, but I still love her. 

Rose POV

I ran out his room. I cried I soon as I got out. I went into my room and cry in my bed thinking to myself. "What's the true beauty?" I said that to my self in my quiet voices. I got up went into the bathroom and sit on the chair and stare at the mirror and look at my self. "I sure do need a makeover" I said that with a smile and laugh walking out. 


As soon as almost walked out the room my phone ring and it was from an unknown number and I answer it "Hello" I said. "MAKEOVER TIMES!" yelled the person from the other line. 


Who called Rose? 


3 Favorites - And I will write the next chapter!

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