Pregnant with the bad boy

In this book, it about a young pretty girl that is a unknown nerd in her school. But what happen when the most popular school play boy invited you to his house party. How will it goes?
[© 2017 All rights reserved by TomBoy and cover reserved by Gabby/Beautifully music nerd]


5. At the party

It was a normal school day. Everyone was very happy to go to Luke's party. "Hey You!  are you going?" Amber asked. "Yes I'm going" I answered. She and and friends left walking away laughing "She going!" She told Luke.


Luke POV

"You better dress nice!" I said and she nodded and ran away. I then went into my next classes. I was very happy to be very popular. I'm only popular because of my beautiful Abs and my body. "Calm down guys! Tonight is the party and I will pick one girl that is the most beautiful" I said to the class.


"Of course my handsome man" said one girl "No, I will be prettier" then I saw That nerd girl come to me. "I don't know but I think I will be prettier" She said. "Pfft....You!" I laugh "We will see about that" I said laughing and left her standing alone.

Rose POV 

I really don't brag, but I saw a lot of girl saying there gonna be prettier so I wanted to join in. Beside Luke just said he will pick out the prettiest girl at the party. OMG I KNOW IT WILL BE ME! 




After school

I went to the mall again and let then do my makeup and went home again and wear my dress. I looked so different! I won't even believe that me as Rose. I then go to my brother John room. 


"John?" I called his name when he was playing his game. "How do I look" I asked him. He turned his chair and looked at me without saying anything. 


" are beautiful!" Her answered. "You looked different. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen!" He said that to me without looking away. 


"Thanks Bro!" I said and left his room.


At the party!

I was at the party and everyone, like EVERYONE was looking at me. "Who's that girl" Asked Luke "She looked like I seen her before!" 


Luke POV 

Wow! She is really beautiful. Wish she could be my girlfriend. I mean has soon I had sex with her and get tired of it then I will dump her. Maybe I should pick her and then have sex with her and find her at school and ask her to be girlfriend. 


Plan acepted! I walked up to her and she look at me. "Hey, what's your name?" I asked her and she turned around "Sorry I got to go home" She said. "WAIT!" I yelled that everyone stare at me.


"This girl right here, is the prettiest one of all!" I said and the other was surprise. "LUKE WHAT ABOUT ME!?" Amber question. I did a smile "Nope, not today" I said and answer her question. I then had a very good time with her until the party end and we were the last two staying at my house!


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What will happen when there two alone?     


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