The Anathema

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  • Published: 30 Mar 2017
  • Updated: 25 Apr 2017
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Long ago, demons and hellcreatures invaded earth. Though they nearly wiped out the humans, humans did as always: adapted. Hundreds of years later, the offspring of humans and demons is the norm. Alessandra lives in this world, and is entirely human. Finally, too late to the battle, the angels are determined to get rid of the demons once and for all. Alessandra, though caught in the midst of the battle, is the only hope for the humane side of the cambions...if it even exists anymore...


9. What the Cambions Planned

I freeze at the sight of the sword. Even puts the sword down and Octavian waves me over.

"We have a plan," he says.

"...A plan for what?" I ask, getting a bad feeling. Lucia smiles darkly.


"It's not going to go that far," says Octavian.

"But that's what it is," says Even.

"We're going to kill all the angels," says Lucia, smiling coldly. She looks somewhere past me, only where she can see. She has a scary light in her eyes.

I want to laugh at her statement, but what's written on her face makes me reconsider.

"And how would that happen?" I ask. The three cambions look at each other.

"There are a lot more cambions than angels," starts Even.

"You think," I interrupt. He looks at me expectantly. "I have a guardian angel, okay? And at some point they were assigned to most humans on Earth, and there were nearly eight billion humans. Guardian angels might be the lowest ranked angel, but that's a lot of them. There are what, a billion cambions? You can't defeat them all."

"So what do you propose?" asks Even. Lucia's smile has melted into a glare.

"Drive them back into heaven. It's the only idea I have that doesn't involve killing." I shrug.

"What ideas do you have that involves killing?" asks Lucia eagerly.

"...Killing some high ranking angels. Archangels. But it's suicide."

"But it's still an idea."

"I think we should go with the first idea she had," says Octavian. "About driving them back into heaven."

"They won't go without a fight," says Even.

"So we fight them and kill any that get in our way," offers Lucia. I shake my head. No plan would work well.

"Any idea we can come up with can be shot down because they're stronger, faster...more trained, more in number. There's no way to fight them," I say, shaking my head.

"Well, I'm not letting them take my home," growls Even. I don't respond. The demons forced the few humans left into unsavory conditions, and to be hated upon by their descendants.

But that doesn't mean the cambions should be slaughtered. They did nothing to provoke the angels.

"There has to be a way," I say, a bit desperate.

"First we need information," say Even quietly. Lucia and Octavian nod in agreement. "I think we need a direct source."

"...And that would be?" I ask tentatively.

"An angel."


When he told me his plan, I wanted to slap Even across the face.

But I'm going along with it anyway.

I run through the forest, screaming for help. 

"PLEASE. Anyone! They're trying to kill me, please! Demons! PLEASE!" I give a strangled sob, half real, half fake. I hate being used as bait. It's terrifying. 

It's not even a full-proof plan. We're just hoping some rogue angel will hear us. 

I run nearly to the town limit, a few miles that is, when something slams into me. 

I look up, dazed, to see an angel with blazing eyes of yellow and fiery orange hair.

"You called, human?"

"Y-Yes. I'm being chased by demons!"

"You are safe. Hold on and-"

Then he has a sword sticking through his side.


Just as quickly, chains are put around him, binding him with a bleeding wound. I look sadly at the angel. He just looks at me with betrayal and hatred.

Even nods. "Well. At least the plan worked."

"We got one," hisses Lucia.

Octavian just shakes his head.

"We should staunch the blood," I say. They stare at me. "'ll leave a blood trail. Right back to where we're going." And he also looks like he's in pain.

Octavian and Even agree, and Lucia only because it's a step for revenge. 

I tear off the hem of my dress press it to his wounds, and hold it there while Lucia and Even pick him up and drag him back.

Back in the cave, he continues to fight, though for some reason he can't break through the chains. Possibly he's too weak from the stab wound to do much.

I run to the bathroom in the barracks, gathering up medical supplies, tears streaming down my face, flinching involuntarily at what will come in-


The screaming begins. 

The cambions are torturing an angel.

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