The Anathema

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  • Published: 30 Mar 2017
  • Updated: 25 Apr 2017
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Long ago, demons and hellcreatures invaded earth. Though they nearly wiped out the humans, humans did as always: adapted. Hundreds of years later, the offspring of humans and demons is the norm. Alessandra lives in this world, and is entirely human. Finally, too late to the battle, the angels are determined to get rid of the demons once and for all. Alessandra, though caught in the midst of the battle, is the only hope for the humane side of the cambions...if it even exists anymore...


8. The Caves That Ran Beneath Us

I come to, seeing purple-black rock. Somewhere, water drips. My head is pounding and my throat is on fire.

I groan and blink several times, pushing myself up. It brings back flashes of the crash that leave me gasping. The events are just too similar. 

"She's awake," hisses a voice. It doesn't sound feminine or masculine. It sounds like a snake. 

Footsteps echo over to where I sit, and the boy cambion crouches down next to me, his green eyes void of emotion. 

"How are you physically?" he asks.

I touch the back of my head, even though my eyes see the healed, scarred burns on my legs.

My hand comes back to me, crusty, dried blood covering it.

"Fine," I mutter, though worries of Katherine and Lionel fill my head. They're going to be in danger. I know it. 

"Good." He stands up and offers me his hand. I take it and sway unsteadily, swatting off his hand as he tries to steady me.

"Where are we?" I ask. I hold my hand to the back of my head, like it'll help all of my pain and problems go away.

"...You've never heard of this place?" asks a third voice. I look around the dimly lit cavern to see a middle aged male cambion in a torn and bloody suit.

"Never," I say, my eyes going wide as I now take in the enormity of the place. We're in a cavernous atrium, with dim yellow light every hundred feet or so lining the walls. They flicker and die sometimes, but come back after a few seconds.

"How stupid is this human?" hisses the voice. I look to see the female cambion who had nearly choked me to death, then threatened to claw out my throat. 

I take a step back, now realizing what Zadkiel said before might be true. That their demonic side may overshadow their humane side.

The girl cambion, which before had been a pretty one with dark skin and long brown hair, was now deathly pale, her skin cracking. Her eyes have gone wider, still black, fangs elongating from her mouth. Her claws are nearly three inches long, and she's trembling with...grief. Tears shine in her black eyes.

I feel my eyebrows draw in a mix of pity and sympathy for the cambion.

"I guess I am ignorant," I agree. The two men stare at me, surprised. "What? I've lived on an isolated piece of property my whole life. I've never been welcomed to the city, so I've never explored. Now: tell me about the cave."

The old cambion looks a bit sheepish, tousling his gray hair. The boy cambion takes a deep breath.

"Do you know about the really olden days, when-" his face contorts in anger "-when demons invaded earth?" I nod my head. "Well, the humans resisted. They fought. They began plotting. They hid here, in these caves. They're natural, but the humans put in lights and modified them to have barracks and a bathroom.

"Anyway...the humans began to live in these caves, and it went from fighting the...demons, to hiding from them. This became their place of refuge." His voice turns bitter. "Eventually the demons found it and they invaded the place. They slaughtered most of the humans. Rolled their bodies into the abyss over there." He points to an abyss I hadn't even noticed. There's a chain railing, only going once around it. Not much to keep someone from tripping and falling in. "And that's pretty much the history of this place. War center turned refugee camp. Demons slaughtered most of the inhabitants and took the rest."

"And raped them," I say accusingly. The boy cambion's face twitches in anger. 

"Yes. The demons raped the humans. As you so kindly remind us cambions every time you see us." He shakes his head, his green eyes turning red. The old cambion just shakes his head.

"I'm just pointing out the fact. This place was for human refuge, and then demons killed or raped them."

"Let's not get into this," sighs the old cambion. "While the heinous crimes should not be forgotten, they're old news, and we are not our ancestors." He looks pointedly at me. "We are not demons. We didn't rape the humans. We are the product." 

"Whatever," says the boy cambion, crossing his arms.

"Don't you 'whatever' me, boy," says the old cambion. "Have some respect." The younger cambion makes a, "Pish" sound and walks away to look into the pit.

The old cambion comes over to me. I'm surprised to see kindness in his eyes.

"I'm Octavian," he says, smiling at me.

"Alessandra," I say, nodding distractedly. 

"You two?!" he calls to the younger. "What're your names?"

"It doesn't matter, does it?" calls the boy cambion. The girl just snarls.

"Manners!" calls Octavian. The boy cambion sighs.

"Even." He murmurs with the girl. "And...Lucia."

Octavian, Even, and Lucia. 

I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't mostly normal sounding names. Though Even was odd.

After several hours, Octavian finds...a couple hundred year old rations for us. They taste awful, but Octavian said that food from the old days would last up to a thousand years, with all the "preservatives" and its packaging and stuff. Even also got Lucia calmed down, until she no longer looked demonic, and pretty much melted into a blubbering mess on the floor.

Eventually, I leave to explore the caves, finding only a dimly lit barracks, and a bathroom within. The rest is just an never-ending expanse of corridors, weaving everywhere for miles.

I luckily make it back to the three cambions.

Who, unluckily, are pointing a sword at me.

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