The Anathema

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  • Published: 30 Mar 2017
  • Updated: 25 Apr 2017
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Long ago, demons and hellcreatures invaded earth. Though they nearly wiped out the humans, humans did as always: adapted. Hundreds of years later, the offspring of humans and demons is the norm. Alessandra lives in this world, and is entirely human. Finally, too late to the battle, the angels are determined to get rid of the demons once and for all. Alessandra, though caught in the midst of the battle, is the only hope for the humane side of the cambions...if it even exists anymore...


7. City Hall

When I wake up from my nap, Katherine is still sleeping, curled up on the couch, sucking her thumb. She hasn't done that since she was five, to my knowledge. 

And Lionel is nowhere in sight.

I get up and look in hiding places, under the desk, behind couches. He's nowhere. Neither is Tariel, though.

I walk to the door, and look back at Katherine, and decide she'll be okay for a few minutes while I look for Lionel.

I quietly open the door into the hallway. No one is there, so I creep out. "Lionel?" I whisper. There's no response. I sigh, and search the halls. 

I somehow make my way to the basement, the last place Lionel would be to likely hide. 

But there are voices coming from a room. I try the door, only to find it locked. The murmuring stop, then one voice, right on the other side of the door says to the others. "I think our back up has arrived. We're fine."

My eyebrows draw together. Zadkiel had said there were no humans in the city, so that leaves...

I open the door, seeing a room filled with black-eyed cambions, staring first at me expectingly, then with disgust and anger.

"Oh. It's just a blanch." I back away, looking down. "It's afraid. How pathetic," someone sneers. 

"N-no," I start. 

"Get out of here, human," seethes another person. "We didn't ask you to come here." 

I stare at them, confused. 

"I know-" 

"Just get out of here!"

"But you'll-"

They all start yelling at me. I growl in frustration.

"Just- LISTEN TO ME!" They all stop, staring at me in disbelief. "There are a lot of angels here bent on killing you. You need to get out." I clasp my hands to the hollow of my neck, nervous.

"And why should we listen to a little puritan like you?" sneers someone.

"I...I don't have a reason," I state. "But, please, they'll kill you if you don't get out now."

"And why do you care?" asks a semi-familiar voice. From the back of the room, the boy cambion from earlier, the one I bumped into, emerges. 

I want to tell them Because I know you're not demons. I know that'd get me laughed at though, so I don't say it.

I just shrug, and tell them, "Because I've seen too much death today. Even cambions don't deserve to be slaughtered." Some look a bit confused at my statement, but the boy cambion just nods. 

"Well, thank you for unlocking the door. We were just hiding."

"I could hear you when I came down here. It's a wonder that they didn't hear you from above." The cambion just nods again.

"Thanks, again, for helping. We'll be going now." They begin to leave the room, when heavy footsteps pad down the stairs. I stare in horror as Tariel comes down the stairs, a sack in hand. 

"Alessandra?" he asks, surprised. He stares at the cambions behind me. "Get back."

"No," I say, standing my ground. 

In a blink, I'm throw against the opposite wall and Tariel holds a materialized sword. He slashes it down, but a few of them are fast, and dodge it. Without thinking, I grab a loose brick from the wall, lunge at Tariel, and bash him over the head with it. 

Hardly fazed, he turns to me, scary anger blazing in his eyes. Then there's a sickening THWOCK sound, and Tariel falls to his knees. The boy cambion bashes him again, and again, until he's in a heap on the floor. Blood pours from his head, which, besides the cambion beating my guardian angel, surprises me. Angels have blood?

"S-stop," I say eventually.  

The cambion drops the brick, murderous hatred in his eyes. The few living cambions left glare at me. 

I get up, feeling the back of my head where blood drips from it. Hesitantly, I pick up Tariel's sword and offer it to the cambion. His eyes go back to normal. In the dim basement light, his eyes are wide with surprise, and a fascinating green color.

"You need to go." He hesitantly takes the sword. I look to all of them. "Be safe." Most of them growl in anger. Some shake the others, trying to get them to wake up from an eternal sleep. The boy cambion just nods, looking scared and vulnerable. 

"Alessandra?" comes Lionel's voice down the stairs. 

"I-I'll take care of him," I whisper. "Leave behind me. Find a way out."

I rush up the stairs, right before Lionel can get into the line of sight of the cambions. 

"What...are you doing down here?" he asks suspiciously. "I thought I saw Tariel come down here with food."

"No, he's not down here," I lie. I put on a face of anger. "And where were you?! You left the room and I had to leave Katherine to go look for you! She might be wandering around the city hall now, and I might have to find her."


"'Sorry' isn't going to cut it. Have you realized the situation we're in?" I haul him up the stairs, my heart pounding crazily with anxiety. "Let's go." I drag him up the stairs and down the hallway, but he wrenches out of my grasp.

"What's your problem?" he snarls. I try to look past him sneakily, anxious about the cambions. 

That's when everything began to speed up. 

From the basement bursts the ten or so cambions left, the boy cambion wielding the sword. They all look angry and terrified, eyes solid black, some with claws extended.

I close my eyes, expecting...

Dozens of angels bursting into the corridor, including Zadkiel.

"Get back from the children!" yells Zadkiel. Lionel and I fly against the wall. It makes my head hurt and bleed worse.

The boy cambion, terrified, points the sword at Zadkiel. The cambions step back as one. I see one, her head turned to me.

Then, everything exploded.

The angels charged at the cambions with blinding speed. The female cambion grabs me and I see the boy cambion make a quick jab with Tariel's sword. There's a yell from the hit angel. 

The cambion that had been keeping her sights on me crushes my throat with her arm, dragging me backwards. 

"Alessandra!" yells Lionel. 

We burst out the back door, only four of us, the cambion still choking me. 

Everything begins to go fuzzy at the fringes of my vision, and I can't hear the deafening shouts of before. 

The angels should have slaughtered them by now, but...

Right. I'm human. They wouldn't dare hurt me.

"Halt!" yells Zadkiel's voice. We abruptly stop, and air rushes back into my lungs, making me see spots. "Put down the human."

I can feel the cambions tense.

"Put her down!"

Then I feel claws on my throat, the cambion growls, "You will let us leave. Or I will claw open her throat." 

"Stand down!" yells the boy cambion, his voice quivering. Around the spots in my vision, the angels begin to retreat. 

The female cambion, the boy cambion, and the other cambion run for miles out of town and into the dead forest beyond the city. The girl begins to crush my windpipe again, and by the time we get to what I assume is their destination, my vision is black and I can't hear a thing. 

Then, I feel myself get pulled into unconsciousness, falling sleepily into a never ending abyss.

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