The Anathema

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  • Published: 30 Mar 2017
  • Updated: 25 Apr 2017
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Long ago, demons and hellcreatures invaded earth. Though they nearly wiped out the humans, humans did as always: adapted. Hundreds of years later, the offspring of humans and demons is the norm. Alessandra lives in this world, and is entirely human. Finally, too late to the battle, the angels are determined to get rid of the demons once and for all. Alessandra, though caught in the midst of the battle, is the only hope for the humane side of the cambions...if it even exists anymore...


13. Angels vs. Cambions

The cambions freeze at the unified block of angels, wielding swords, daggers, staffs, spears...

The cambions, in the spirit of war, raise their baseball bats and pipes. Even wields his stolen sword. Lucia goes farther into demonic territory, claws extending, and I can only imagine if her fangs are out.

There's a yell from a cambion, and both sides leap into battle. 

Though the cambions are out-numbered and out-classed.

Sariel slips me a dagger. "Protect yourself," he says, and leaps into the fray.

I watch helplessly from the sideline. It's one mass of white-clothes angels that can move from place to place in the blink of an eye, and then the cambions covered in sewage, getting chopped down.

I shake my head, and follow Sariel in after. I find myself next to Even. "Alessandra?!" he yells, surprised. 

I clash knives with an angel, their eyes wide with surprise. I see them retreat a bit, but they just attack a cambion. The cambion dodges skillfully, and makes a jab into the angel's stomach with their broken shard of pipe. 

The angel falls, but three more take his place. Even goes to the aid of the cambion, and one more angel falls.

I'm hit over the head by something, and fall into the muck. 

Angels don't have rusty pipes. 

My vision doubled and obscured by blood, I notice fuzzily an awfully familiar angel.


He holds his sword, his eyes locked on Even.

Adrenaline pumps through me, and in a split second, I'm covering Even, the point of Vasiariah's sword poised against the top of my throat, forcing my head up. I look him in the eye as best I can.

"Alessandra, what are you doing with these heathens?" seethes Vasiariah.

"Put. The sword. Down," I hiss. He doesn't. 

The entire battle has gone silent. I can feel the eyes of cambions and angels on us three, but mostly me and Vasiariah.

"Step. Aside," he growls back. For a second, I would have believed he was a demon.

"Stop. Killing. Cambions," I counter. 

"It's out order!"

"To hell with your orders!"

The cambions all flinch. 

"It seems we have reached a stalemate," says a calm voice, though it's laced with anger.

Through the bloody and beaten crowd comes Zadkiel, his sword dripping with blood. He sports several cuts on his face and hands. His violet eyes are raging.

"Vasiariah, put down your sword." Vasiariah does as told. Zadkiel eyes me angrily. "I hope you know what you are doing, Alessandra, though it is futile: the demons...cambions...must be destroyed." He walks away. "Retreat." 

In a blink, they're gone, and I fall to the floor.

I tremble madly, staring at the ground, not fully comprehending the situation.

I grip Sariel's dagger like a lifeline. 

Around me, the cambions pick up their fallen comrades.

Even is the only one to pick me up.

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