Key's happy

Drama and comedy


2. The storm has started

I walked up to Samuel and looked him straight in the eyes and said "How dare you insult my OTP!" Pete stood close behind me, probably upset about how this isn't worth dying for. But I can't read minds so how would I know? "What the heck is an outeepee ?" Samuel asked with a glare that could turn milk sour. I kept staring at Samuel, not because I was brave but because on the animal channel they said not to break eye contact. I don't remember what animal it was but Samuel was very beast like. " Please don't hurt me." I quietly squeaked. Pete was behind me with a mix of fear and anger on his face. Samuel stepped closer to and said " I couldn't hear you. " in a very stern tone. Pete had enough of the stress for one day and grabbed my hand pulling me away from the horror. But before he could get far away enough I heard Samuel laugh" Keys OTP is so stupid you can't call it that!" "WHAT! " Pete yelled. I knew when Pete heard our favorite ship being insulted it was the end. Pete punched Samuels face. Samuel didn't even blink he took the hit. And BAM! Samuel kicked Pete in the stomach and elbowed the back of his neck. There was a small snapping sound and Pete fell to the ground unconscious. " Haha! That's what you get losers!" Said the blond girl in the blue top. " Yeah! Emily's right, you're losers" a male version of Emily said smirking and laughing. " What did you do to Pete!?" I screamed " What? Peestain over there is just unconscious. But you key are not going to get off so easy!" Samuel said with evil in his eyes. " That's what she said" whispered the male version of Emily, what was his name. " Todd!" Emily screamed " stop doing those stupid jokes they are t even funny!" Emily said. Todd that was his name, I have to get Pete away from here. I quickly grabbed Petes arm and tried pulling him up off of the ground. He whined in pain as I lifted him on to my back and started carrying him away from Samuel, Emily and Todd. Lucky for me Emily was still lecturing Todd because of what he had said, so I had time to get out of their sight. But Samuel had followed me down the hill to the bench near a ledge. The sea breeze woke Pete, he let out a few tears and whined out of pain. I rubbed his back trying to ease his pain, but it made it worse so I stopped. I had been sitting thee for a few minutes when I heard Pete snoring. He had fallen asleep. I thought that everything was going to be ok. But I was wrong, Samuel walked up behind the bench and pulled me off it and pinned me to a tree. It was painful how the bark on the tree scratched me scalp. The pressure of being pushed and the feeling of being crushed. Samuel opened his mouth to say something, it was probably something stupid. But I didn't hear anything only my heart beat fast and fear. Samuel leaned closer and ...

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