Key's happy

Drama and comedy


3. Fun memories

Samuel head butted me with his forehead, my nose started to bleed. I yelled " What is your head made out of?" Samuel looked me in the eye and said with all seriousness " Titanium. My head is made out of titanium." I said" What?" Samuel said " I am a cyborg from the future and I came to kill the one you call Pete peter-pan peestain." I looked at him with confusion, blood dripping from my nose. Samuel let go of me and I fell to the ground he started laughing and said " You idiot you'll believe anything won't you." He grabbed me and dragged me to the ledge and pushed me. I was half off of the ground and half hanging over the crashing waves and sharp rocks.

I remember how I used to play tag near this ledge with my friends. Pete was running up the hill towards the old school and Mary was jumping over the bench trying to get away from me. As I chased both of them at some point Mary had disappeared. She was nowhere to be found and when we told our parent they called the police. The next morning we were told that Mary's body had been found at the bottom at this very ledge. The police said it was an accident but I knew it was my fault. If I hadn't have left her there all alone

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