Key's happy

Drama and comedy


1. Buildings everywhere

The wind blew into my ear as I cycled towards my inevitable doom. I finally arrived at the old school building at the top of Snake hill. They were waiting for me at the old rusty gates in front of the old school building. I wasn't going to get beaten up again, I wouldn't let them do that to me again. I was going to fight, when suddenly someone pulled me behind the large oak tree with millions of hearts and names carved into it. It was near the gate and dusty road I had been cycling along, but it wasn't visible if you were at the school gate you could only see the top of the tree. There was a hand over my mouth and a warm breath on my neck. I struggled to get loose of the person grip.Until I heard the voice of my dear close friend Pete Peter-Pan Peterson. Yes his name did sound ridiculous and he got teased about it a lot at school. We have been friends since kindergarten and our parents have become friends too. Pete pointed at the group in front of the gates and said "Do you see that? Samuel has a knife. You can't go over there." I knew Pete was going to stop me no matter what, but I had to get some sort of closure. Even if it meant picking a fight with the biggest rudest boy in our school, who had a knife. I had to tell Pete that I had to do this and to call an ambulance when it's over. " Pete. We've been friends like forever, right? " Pete looked at me with confusion and said " Yeah and I don't want you to get yourself killed over something like this!" I stood up and yelled " I have to do this! You have to let me do this! Please, Pete! " Pete looked at me with disbelief and worry in his eyes and gave me a sad nod. I turned towards to the gates and started walking towards the group. Pete followed me.

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