My life as Lizzie

This story is just about my life and what goes on in it.


4. March.31,2017


Hey it's FIRDAY and I'm still upset but I won't even think about them. Today's a new day and I need to live It out, this probably won't even matter in the future so I need to women up and face them. I ignored Josh All day and Stephanie wasn't even trying to work things out, last night I unblocked Josh's number and he texted me since I wasn't returning his call and this is what it said.

'Im sorry Lizz, I love you and you know this. I was wrong to go behind your back and date your bestfriend. I wanna make this up to you please take me back I love you Lizzie I really do. I realized that when you left me that I had the most beautiful great thing in the world. I fucked up so bad..... I love you lizz.' 

I don't even know anymore. Should I give him another chance or leave it alone. 


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