Emily a 14 teen year old and Calum a 15 year old boy she just met on their first day of school get kidnapped by 5 men! Calum having a crush on Emily wants her safe. Can Emily and Calum escape and get back to safety Or will only of them make it out alive? Can Emily and Calum work together?


1. Introduction


It was a warm August morning, Emily had just woke up for her first day of school. She walks over to her closet to look at the clothes she had just got for her 14th birthday. She grabbed a purple plaid shirt and a black t-shirt and some black ripped skinny jeans. She wore her black t-shirt with the plaid shirt around her waist. Emily walks over to her dresser and gets her choker with a crystal and her glasses. She looked in the mirror. Emily looked at her hazel eyes and freckles. She brushes her red hair and puts it in a bun on the top of her head, She takes her snapback batman hat and puts it around the bun on backwards. She grabs her stuff and leaves for school.  



A/N  so i haven't done a story in a long time so ik this one will kinda suck but i hope u like it plz comment what u think becuase ur opinion matters

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