Emily a 14 teen year old and Calum a 15 year old boy she just met on their first day of school get kidnapped by 5 men! Calum having a crush on Emily wants her safe. Can Emily and Calum escape and get back to safety Or will only of them make it out alive? Can Emily and Calum work together?


4. Chapter 3: The house

Chapter 3: The House  (Emily’s Pov)



The car stopped the doors swing open. Two tall men look at me and Calum. They grabbed me by my arms and two others grab calum. We walk towards this abandoned old creepy grey house. It had boarded windows and a broken glass door with a while door behind it. There were no other houses around it just this house. The address looked like it was ripped off.  As we walk up to the house the gravle crunches between each step. All the sudden calum begins to yell. The two men let go of my arms “DONT MOVE OR ELSE” one growled at me. Kyle stay with her. So ur name is kyle? Listen here little girl dont talk to me shut up and be quiet he snapped back. I look over to see Calum he had one of the guys by their collar, Hitting him. Calum stop i yelled. The tall man walks over and pulled out a heater. Calum  he has a g… DIDNT I SAY SHUT UP! The man yelled at me the loud slap echoed my face began burn. Tears rolled down my check. My face hot to the touch a soft whimper escaped my lips. A loud bang ecohs outside the tall man had shot the boy calum had by his collar. The tall man with blue eyes takes calum and me and makes us go inside. Kyle takes us to the basement. We go down the long wooden stairs each step makes a creaking soud. We walk down to a big room with solid cement walls and floors. We look around. There was one small matress and a bathroom with the door missing. Welcome to ur new home Kyle says before slaming the door and what sounding like 5 locks.



Sorry i havnt been active and i would put more into the chapter as planed but my computer is about to die and i have been busy with school work i will post again later today and this weekend i got alot in stored and also just so u know if this is a bad story its cuz i dont plan my stories out i just write them as they come to me

    Also if u didnt know a heater is also another word for gun




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