Emily a 14 teen year old and Calum a 15 year old boy she just met on their first day of school get kidnapped by 5 men! Calum having a crush on Emily wants her safe. Can Emily and Calum escape and get back to safety Or will only of them make it out alive? Can Emily and Calum work together?


3. Chapter 2: Kiddnapped

Chapter 2: Kidnapped (Calum’s POV)


    I look at Emily. She looked so pretty. I look through the corner of my eye the same white van keeps following us. All the sudden the van speeds up to us and hits its breaks it made a loud screech. The side doors fling open two guys reach out and grab me “EMILY RUN!” I yell at her to run but it was to late two other men came out and grabbed her too! She screamed for help but a man puts his hand around her mouth. They shut the door and the van speeds off. She stops screaming the man had some weapon. They have us sit in the corner. “Im only 15 i dont wanna die this young”i thought to myself. Emily was sitting next to me. 1,2,3,4, right, 1,2,3,4,5,6 straight, she wrote on her arm as she said it out loud the men were in the front leaving us in the back. “What are u doing?” I ask her This is how we are gonna know how to get back!” Emily’s voice was so shaky. The car stops and the men open the doors. The man with what looked like a weapon says don’t scream don’t run, don’t do anything ur gonna walk in and ur gonna stay silent DO UNDERSTAND he said putting the heater in our faces. Yes i said Emily stayed silent.


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