Emily a 14 teen year old and Calum a 15 year old boy she just met on their first day of school get kidnapped by 5 men! Calum having a crush on Emily wants her safe. Can Emily and Calum escape and get back to safety Or will only of them make it out alive? Can Emily and Calum work together?


2. Chapter 1: Calum

Chapter 1: Calum (Emily’s POV)


    I walk to my bus stop and see a boy standing there. The boy looks at me “Hi my name is Calum”. Hi….um…. My name is Emily… i reply back. He smiles. We get on the bus and see barely any open seats. I walk to the back and sit down, Calum walks back to me “Can I sit here Emily?” I scoot over by the window. We arrive to the school and I to my classes. Me and Calum ended up having all the same classes. Its the end of the day and I can’t find my phone. I lost it I go back and forth in the hall thinking i could have left it. I see Calum “Calum! Have u seen my phone?” Yah i was gonna give it to you on the bus.” We go to the bus and I get a text it’s Calum. He invited me over after school.


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