My holidays have come to a end



2. Meet My Form teacher

I lied once again.It is not the end.


Anyway, when I left the house I strolled up the road seeing strange faces.Since I have been to Starbank for 4 years, I know all of the people from every form, or class if you like to call it.However, these people were not in my history of names,so I guessed these were the new people.

After 5 minutes of peaceful walking to school, I caught sight of one of my friends David also known as 'THEauthor' I crept swiftly towards to him...

'BOO!' I screamed in his ear


'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MOMMY',He screamed (I might have exaggerated a bit)

He chattered to me about his holidays and how cool they were, I kept quiet because mine were appalling.So after 5 minutes I walked upon my Form 8DA. When I opened the door the teacher questioned me "And you are?"           I sped past him as if nothing had happened  "you're late" I sighed heavy at the numerous recognisable and non-recognisable faces "Well, sorry sir I never knew" I sat on my chair and stared at the clock while the teacher was speaking I heard him say " me Mr Adams..."                                                                                                                                       


                                                                         Well This Is My Form Teacher.





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