~The Miracle of Romance~

~Empty until I think of something~


3. ~Moving To LA~

One week later I was getting on a plane and listening to my music. When we got off the plane we were in LA. I was relieved to be in LA but at the same time mad. I was unloading my stuff when I saw him. He was my age { 17 } and he was cute. I dropped my stuff in my room and walked outside. I looked at him for awhile { Like a stalker }. My mom got worried and walked over to me. "Mary are you ok?", My mom asked as I nodded my head yes. "Dinner will be ready in 5 minutes ok honey?", My mom asked me. "Ok", I responded. The second I got a chance to talk to that boy I would. I kept thinking about what I would say until he walked over. "Hi. I noticed you were staring. Is everything okay?" My cheeks flushed red. "Um.... Well.... I may, or may not, think you are..." I stopped myself, before I said too much. "Cute? Hot? Ugly? Okay looking? There's a few options," He chuckled. "Oh.. Um.. Yeah. Sure. My name's Mary. And you are?" "Clyde."

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