Black and Blue

Paris Camlon has suffered through her years. Her mother, with lung cancer and memory loss, she can't bare having to remind her mother that she is her daughter. While her father sits at bars, she doubts he'll ever come home, yet when he does, though, he's only good to provide her with scars. Can anything make her happy?


1. Chapter 1

I have to introduce myself to my mum again today...

She doesn't exactly know me yet...

But this night would be the night i knew why people feared silence

sitting in a hospital hallway isn't the ideal place to be at 1am. But it's by far better than being accused by my cheating father.

I've tried everything in my power to help her, but nothing works...

"Paris? Paris, please, come in, I believe your staying here?"

"Yep" I scoffed. They had some surgery being performed or something, all i knew was that they didn't want me to know. I stumbled through the door and moved over beside her.

"Hey, mum"

"Huh? Who are you?" she whispers with a croak, the faint smell of tobacco in her breath. A tear rolls down my eye

"Your daughter, Paris... mum... have you been smoking?!"

 "Smoking? Nonsense!" mum's voice goes high-pitched, now i know she's lying. I walk over to her cupboard and slip it open with a creak.

"MUM" I scream, "MUM DO THE DOCTORS KNOW?". I hold a packed of almost-empty cigar packet and shove it in her face.

"How could you..." By now, the tears were streaming down my face, simply she was killing herself, "YOU ALREADY HAVE CANCER WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT MUM!"

"I know what dad has done..."

"NO! Who told you? mum... this.. this must be eating you alive!"

"I know what he's doing to you, too"

"But you cant even remember my name?"

she sighs deeply and turns around


shes asleep 

"Wake up... tell me..."

Who told her?...


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