It's so confusing! You like him and he barely seems to notice you! But what am I supposed to do? I can't afford losing him. I love him. I need him...


9. Vapor



Luke's POV

Turns out Cal was staying the night. We said goodbye to everyone as they left and I gawked at Calum as he took his shirt off. " what? " he asked, smiling. I shook my head and laughed "nothing"

Calum plopped himself in my bed and closed his eyes. I came over and wrapped my arms around his waist. 

" I love you Calum" 

He turned over and kissed me. The kiss was soft at first , then it got deeper. I ran my fingers through his hair and felt his tounge reach mine.

I pulled away and moved to his neck.  He groaned as I bit him softly and ran my hands up and down his back. He accepted and did the same thing. 

And you can imagine how this went down....... :}


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