Endless New Places

All I got is an idea and a laptop. Let's see where this goes together.


2. Hometown

If I haven't made it very clear yet, I'm a vampire. I was turned at the ripe young age of fifteen, and I’ve been fifteen for over a century now. I’m not an expert on modern society, but I’m pretty sure that teenagers are expected to go to school. So I figure that that would be a good place to start. I need to establish my presence in a normal way so that I can blend in. I’m not sure how long these discoveries will take, but I’m planning on staying a while, and I need to clarify that I’m just a normal girl on a long term visit.


I pulled into town in my silver GMC Acadia. This modest, yet practical car is my home. I keep all my possessions in the trunk, and spend my days out and about, exploring the world. I travel a lot to stay under the radar, even though I’m on a strict non-human diet, excluding the rare occasions I get my hands on hospital donor blood. Low-key is just my style, ya know? Some people might think that it gets boring, being immortal, but the world changes with time. The way I see it, there’s always new places to visit.


For example, Mystic Falls.


Author's Note: This is a short chapter, but it's all I got. The compulsion of boredom has led me this far. Only time will tell how much farther it takes me. It's fun to write, though, so who knows? Anyways, constructive criticism is always welcome, and thank you for reading!

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