Endless New Places

All I got is an idea and a laptop. Let's see where this goes together.


3. Closure, Shmozure

I would say that the sight of my hometown gave me a strange sense of deja vu, except that would be a total lie. It had been over a century since I last stepped foot anywhere near this haunting plot of land called Mystic Falls, so, naturally, it was completely different. It was early afternoon when I slowly drove through the town, eager to take it all in.


I cruised by a park, where children were laughing and playing gleefully on the playground, while adults gossip good-naturedly on the benches in the shade. There was a teenage girl sketching under a tree, and a group of guys playing football just for fun. Next I found myself passing boutiques and shops, watching the pedestrians on the sidewalks enjoy the lovely summer weather as they strolled around town. I went by a few neighborhoods, all of which containing quaint atmospheres of community and togetherness. "Wow," I thought, "This place definitely has the small-town feel going. It's nice."


After exploring for half an hour, I decided to head back to a restaurant I had seen to eat and make a game plan. I walked into the Mystic Grill, inhaling the wonderful scent of burgers, fries, and similar unhealthy and delicious foods. Hey, just because I'm a vampire doesn't mean that I don't know what's up. Besides, I would catch something more substantial later tonight, if you catch my drift.


Soon after I sat down, a server took my order. I watched him walk off, then slowly slipped into my mind as I thought about what I wanted to get out of this trip. I've always been sentimental, so I definitely wanted to drive by the old buildings, if they were even still around, just to see the sights and reminisce. But more importantly, I needed to check out the graveyard to see if I could find graves for my family that I left behind in 1864. I could dig around in some files for any extra details on their deaths, although I wasn't completely sure where to start.


I had come back to Mystic Falls for a readon, and I assumed it was closure. But I'm not sure that was really what I wanted. I didn't want to find some answers, then forget about my past and just shove it into the dark recesses of my mind. Maybe I was just throwing a pity party for the people I abandoned and the life I renounced. After all, would finding the final resting places of the people I held so dear really make me feel any better, or move on any quicker?


I was broken out of my thoughts by the server bringing me my food, which I devoured quickly. I left behind some cash to cover the bill and a tip, then decided to head to the local high school to register myself for the upcoming school year. After all, even after I found my "closure" (I was beginning to hate the word), I could stand to stick around for a bit.


Author's Note: Honestly, my ideas ran out the second I published chapter two, but after looking over my terribly short work again, the well filled up. I make no promises, but I might actually have a game plan. If you have any ideas or constructive criticism, comment away! Also, I just realized I'm going to need a name for the protagonist (wow, go me), so give me any suggestions for that as well! Thanks!

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