The Huntress

When you die you expect to have a beautiful existence, and for most it is. But I am not most, I am the Huntress. I am the first woman warrior.


4. The Search

"Where could a girl disappear to? She has no abilities." Jason said, while searching the area Cleo was last seen.

"None that you know of," I said dubiously. "That girl might just have some."

"What makes you say that?"

"Her eyes. She looks as if she has seen things that no one should be able to see. Plus her mom said that she would protect her doll. But protect it from what?" My question trailed off. There was something going on here.

"What do you got?"

"Nothing. I think." I could feel the magic around me. It had the essence of something malicious, and definitely otherworldly.  "Is it possible for someone to feel, or trace, or even see magic?"

"I don't know. Do you think you feel magic?"

"Yes," I shuddered. "It feels evil, and celestial? I think I'm getting a location as well. It tastes like a cave."

"That could be anywhere! There are no caves here!" Jason sounded exasperated. "Are you sure you're reading it right?."

"I am positive I read it right, and actually there is a mine that is closed off not to far from here. That could be what I am tasting, they are just rocks."

"Well then lets go."

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