The Huntress

When you die you expect to have a beautiful existence, and for most it is. But I am not most, I am the Huntress. I am the first woman warrior.


6. The Mine

Jason and I exited the vehicle quietly.  No one was around, but I couldn't risk that. Some paranormals are known for amazing hearing, and we do not know if they have anyone with exceptional hearing. 

We entered the mine. It was dark and surprisingly wet. We headed down the path. Eventually we came to where our paths split.

It was hard to tell, but Cleos magic (if it even was hers) was getting weaker.  I could barely feel it. Thankfully I could still sense it though, and headed down the path I thought she was in. I still had Jason go down the other, just in case.

I eventually saw her curled in a ball by the wall of the cave.

"Cleo," I whispered. She was trembling.  "Cleo, My name is Crystal. Your mom sent me to find you. It's going to be okay now. I'm going to get you out of here."

I picked her up. There was nothing to her. I headed out of the cave. I got back to the car and tried to message Jason. He wasn't answering. "Come on, Jason. Answer."

After 5 minutes I gave up. "Cleo, I need you to stay in the car with the doors locked. There is food on the backseat for you. If I am not back in 10 minutes I need you to call Mr. Black." I handed her my phone. She looked as if she tried to tell me something, but we were short on time. "He is my boss, he will know what to do." I wrote down the address we were at and told her to have Grace come too. 

"Just stay in the car. I will be right back."

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