The Huntress

When you die you expect to have a beautiful existence, and for most it is. But I am not most, I am the Huntress. I am the first woman warrior.


1. The Beginning

It has begun. My cycle of life and death. I died. No heartbeat, no pulse, no breath. Some amazing guy found me lying on the floor, and in a heartbeat I was up and running. He didn't even need to use CPR. He had the most beautiful dark chocolate hair. No one knows why I am able to survive death. No one knows why I, as I am a human, could manage to kill three vampires before the leader got  to me. Once the government heard of me, they wanted me to work for them, but I wasn't ready. I don't think I ever will be.


After a week, I decided to work for them. I decided that, if I was to keep dying and coming back, I might as well be doing something helpful. That, in turn made me the youngest female field agent, only being 19. One of the females that work behind the desk, my bosses secretary, Ginger, handed me my first case file.

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