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Inspired by the song by Ellie Goulding fire and gold


1. Fire and gold chapter 1 meeting my fiancé plus a terrible nightmare

[BC]Hey guys I'm back and better than ever maybe may not but the good news is fire and gold chapter 1 is complete yay so enjoy the pictures from Tumblr XD WHICH I DO Not OWN I saw the pictures and I wanted to

If not you can read it here

Fire and gold ch 1: meeting my fiancé plus a terrible nightmare

This will be a legend of Korra fanfic AU an Alternate Universe but it will take place in the fire nation because Korra was born their XD the cool pictures I found will explain all Credt goes to Tumblr for the pictures I just found them.

(narrators pov)

On a dark and rainy night in the Fire Nation they lived a girl named Korra she loved her family and her fire ferret Pabu

The rain was coming down hard then ever before but Korra didn't mind at all she loves the rain and sitting in bed with a good book to read.

Korra pov

"Sigh and the prince and princess live" "happily ever after". I just closed the book and then looked in the mirror my eyes where gold like mom and dad.

I thought to myself who would love a sixteen year old girl who still reads fairy tales and who is afraid of spiders.?

I need some juice I walked quickly downstairs and turned on the light and got a plastic cup and poured some juice in it and then I checked on my mom and dad their where both a sleep.

Mom was called me earlier I wonder what for thought. I said her name three times "mom wake up"

"What is it Korra" my mom said

"You wanted to see me" I said back to her

"Oh yeah she said me and dad have found" "you a fiancé to marry to married" you" she said

"A fiancé"!, "I'm old sixteen years old" I said back

"He's from the water tribe she said back "here's a picture of his family and his brother "ok who is who" I said back sating on the bed beside

"The right is Bolin and the on the left side" "is his bother mako" she said

"oh I see" I said smiling

"Your going to marry bolin" he comeing "tomorrow or should I say today as she looks at the clock 3:00Am"

"Okay mom" I left their room and walked back to my room

And soon fell asleep with out thinking about it I was having a nightmare

??? Hey princess Korra of the fire nation tribe he gets his small Dagger out

And slashes her arm leaving her with blood coming out of her arm

Ow she said what do you want

"What does it look like your fiancé dose "not love you for you he wants you to died" they both said at the same time

"But why"?! I said in tears

"The crown etc may I go?" on he said

"What are both your names"?! I said

"This is Wendell the one holding the" dagger" he said

And this is Max's he was holding the sword

But it's doesn't matter because you will be dead by us

"Sickem' boys" they both said

Then three dogs came out

I ran around the Castle

"I hate it when they run" Wendell said

"Same max" said

I ran to the Secret chamber and locked the door the dogs must have got my sent because they were growing and barking at the door. I tried to my mind off it we have a secret garden too I ran to it using the back stairs.

I was outside now but I heard the dogs stop so I ran back and see a boy covered in blood with a sword. He then drops it

I ran up to hug him I don't care if his was covered in dog blood I just need a hug

thank you so much for "saving me from the hellhounds" "I was so scared" chokeing back tears

I know he kissed me on the forehead

I blushed a little

"Wait where are you going?" I said

"Don't worry Princess Korra will meet" "again for now Sayonara cutie"❤️

Than I woke up all I can remember is that his eyes were sky blue my second favorite Color.

Then I woke up it was morning and light shining at my window.

I got ready and Thought about the nightmare I had a little if Max's and Wendell where right I look out from the balcony then someone please take me away from here.....

I walked downstairs and saw two boys both have blue eyes and a kind smile

"Good morning Korra this Bolin and Mako" my dad said

"Morning everyone" I said I shooked both their hands

But when I reach bolin hand I Felt a bad vive come from him

As for mako I Felt a warm welcome and the room turn girly pink.

It was at that moment I met the person in my dream my tummy had butterflies and I feel like I'm walking on air no it can't be him can it ? Hell no.

The Choice is up to you should I continued the story or not

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