🔥~Ғιяɛ αи∂ gold~✨

Inspired by the song by Ellie Goulding fire and gold


4. Chapter 4: Ƭнɛ яσcκ city girℓ part1&2

Ok I'm so mad that I deleted the app and it erased the original fanfic I could scream right now I forgot what half I wrote/written but anyway enjoy the new chapter

Mako pov

We need to get to town we are almost there Korra I said she was all ready sound a sleep

as she was holding on to my waist. "Come on naga we are all" "most into the town hotel".

"Ok naga stop girl" I said

We are at the Hotel the rock Valley hotel.

I had to carry Korra inside and get a room for us then I thought we need a disguise. Thank god there's a thrift shop next door I start walking into the shop.


Well if we are going to stay here for a little while we are going to have to blend in the crowd.

I saw some rock binder boots and some extra eye contacts and a bunch of other things. "This will be "perfect for me and Korra"

"Remember what Aladdin said "trouble your only in trouble if you" get caught"

I was about to take the green eyes contacts. when I heard "someone "say can I help you with" something" ?

I turned around and saw a pretty girl Not as cute as Korra thought

"So you want all that stuff for" "you and friend"? "she points to naga

I just chuckle at her joke

"No this stuff is for me and my "other friend we just moved here" "and we don't have a lot you know" "we are just passing through life" "has been ruff for the both of us" I said to her

"Oh I'm sorry" she said

"Here I will buy your stuff as a "welcome to the neighborhood she" said back

"You will thanks my name is mike" I said

"You really look like my old" boyfriend" she said back

"Oh I'm sorry I never met him what his name"? As she handed the cashier her credit card.

And then giving my bags to me

"I think his name was mako he" "was from the water tribe"?

That's when my face turned pale

Umm I think my friend is calling me I said

"By the way what's your name?" I called out to her"

"It's asami" she said back

Oh that's when my smile faded and I walk back to the Hotel with the bags and carried Korra inside our hotel.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Part 2 is down below👇

REMEMBER THEY have switched elements

Mako is water

Korra is fire

Btw: Mako= Norman

Guy in the black coat is = Johnny

ғιre and gold Chapter 4: Ƭнɛ яσcκ city girℓ part2/festival

Korra's pov's

I slowly woke up "your finally "awake hello sleepy head" it was.

Mako the water tribe boy the one who make my tummy turn into butterfly's and the guy who was in my dream let's just forget about that the butterfly part.

"Morning water boy what the "heck are you doing staring at me" it's creepy".

"Well when a man and woman "sleep in the bed they cuddle" and "kiss each other good night" he said as he smirks.

Wait your bed is empty I looked over at the bed Across from me.

Yup it's empty then I looked back at my bed mako has his arms wrapped around me I'm totally not trying to blush right now.

"What I'm just protecting the fire princess" "or should it be my fire" princess" he smiled at me.

"Well I think you should go back "to your bed now water boy

"I'm fine I can Protect my self".

I told him back.

"Fine" he said he then kiss me on the cheek.

That's when I trow a fire ball at him and then they was a big

hole in the wall he landed inside the water trough.

Naga and Pabu where going to about to drink the water.

When mako was in it they stopped.

"Feisty and hot Head me likely"

he teased her.

"Oh my god is the water trough" okay"? I said back.

"Babe I'm okay he said he wink at" "me you just burned part of my" "pants he said back".

In Korra's head: "I want to kill him" "but he's so cute."

"Hey mako there a festival here" "tonight we should go see it"

I said back to him.

"Ok we can go there's also a "surprise when the full moon"comes out" he said back.

"Don't play any cheap moves" I said back to him.

"Fine I won't play any games" anymore." he said back he smiled at me.

"Also we can go to festival"

he said back "but you have to" "put on the stuff I got you" he said.

"We are in the rock city now so we need to dress like them" he pointed out.

He then was getting out of the water trough As he walked Splashing Korra with it and walked through the big hole In the wall.

"You know I salvaged (saved) you "right From my brother who you" "don't want to marry". He said back.

"Anyway who do you want to" marry"? He said

"Some one in my dreams" I said back to him.

"You don't have to tell me If you" don't have to." he said back.

"Anyway let's get ready for" tonight" he said back.

"Might as well get ready" I said back.

♡~Skipping to night time~♡

Mako"s pov

I waited for Korra to come out of the bathroom for I was all ready.

The green context where ok a little itchy but I think it's okay for now.

She then came out of the bathroom "finally yo"----- then I blush red she looked so pretty like a shining. Jewel in a jewelry store just waiting for someone to pick her up and keep them on the shelf forever only to be dusted once a year.

"Hello Earth to Mako." she said

I then snapped back into reality.

"You look pretty cute" I blush at her.

"Aww thanks you look" handsome." she said back.

We where about to go when we heard a nock at the door.

I then opened it and was a bit shocked to see a girl.

With white hair in a peachy blue cropped top, ripped blue jeans, with a Blue Beaded Stretch Bracelet on her right wrist and had on Disney Lilo & Stitch Floral Slip-Ons.

And her nails where blue also her cellphone case was blue.

"She must really love blue"

I though in my head

She was still on her cellphone maybe looking at We Heart it or perhaps a book she then looked up from her cellphone and then looked at me and said.

"Have you seen mako?" she said

"Yah he's inside" I said to her.

💙~Mako's pov~💙

"Okay Korra" I said I'm ready....

Huh I look across the room to see a girl with white hair "Korra why "did you let this girl inside"? I then looked at her. "Because she was" "looking for you". She said back.

"Why is the wall purple" and "sparkle in this scene"? Korra said as she looked back at Mako.

"It's look's like one of those anime" scenes".

"You will see in 1..2..3" I said back to her.

"💙Mako~kun💙" she said as she ran up to give her a big hug for his arms where opened they fall on the floor as the girl was crushing him tightly.

"He-y Naga let me go I can't" breathe." I said to her.

She then let me go of me as I was coughing a little sorry she said as she looked at the floor.

Wait did you say naga Korra said startled and wide-eyed.

"Yup that's me Naga the water girl" she said back.

"Wait a minute your supposed to be a Poler bear dog". Korra said back to her.

"Well excuse me princess where you born mean?" naga said

That's when Korra trow a pillow at her.

Naga catches it and trows it on the bed just then there was another nock on the door.

I got it this time.

"Come on guys the Festival is" "starting soon also I want to go to" the danceing Rat karaoke bar."

A different voice from the door said

I looked at Korra her eyes wide-eyed in shocked like someone blow out a firecracker at a barbecue for the first time.

Pabu is that you she said slowly walking up to him.

Yup he smiled at her then looked across the room to Naga and ran up to her. "Hello nurse where have" "you been all my life".

Me and Korra both where in shocked and couldn't believe they were hitting it off. I think

"I'm not in to boys who's are just" "trying to show off or Flirt with me" "bye bye loser". She said to him.

Anyway guys we don't have time for this we need to go.

♡~Nighttime at the festival~♡

"Anyone want anything to eat?" I said I'm buying?

"Maybe some popcorn chicken" "and some chips wouldn't hurt" Korra said

"If I buy them would you share" "them with me". mako said

"Yes if you let us see the fireworks" "show when we are done at the" "Dancing Rat. I said back.

"Fine deal" he said back.

"You have to pinky swear" she said back.

"Fine pinky swear" I said back.

They both did there pinky swear and both there food and walked into the dancing Rat Karaoke Bar Club.

It's your boy Aron and that's was Mikey and Alice singing a mashup of Stitches x Bedrock.

Anyone can request a song from dance Rat we are having mashup all throughout this week so come on don't be afraid. Aron said

"I will"said a person in a black coat entered in the club everyone went quiet. And looked at him he got on stage.

"So what's your name sir Aron" said to him.

"Johnny" the guy in the black coat said.

And I picked the guy who is next to black lady sitting at the table.

The light then shine on mako.

"Hey hey we are trying to eat here" I said

"Johnny wants to Challenge you" "to a Mashup Duel" Aron said

"Fine"I got from my chair and got on stage.

"Can you tell us your name?Aron"


"It's Norman" I said back to him.

"Okay so we have Norman and Johnny singing? Wait the song"you wanted to sing again"?Aron said

Johnny: Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You (SING OFF vs. The Vamps)

Aron who's going to sing Conner parts of the song?

Norman: I will.

Aron: okay then Johnny you will sing Bradleys parts Okey-dokey.

Johnny: yup

Hey everyone at the Dancing Rat we have a two new guys going against each other in a hard sing-off.

Korra's pov

Hey you guys let go to the middle table. ok sounds good.Naga said

"That way we can support your" "water boyfriend". Pabu said

"Whatever he's Not my boyfriend." they all moved to the Center table with glowing lights.

(As mako aka Norman) was singing part of the song he jumped on a nearby table. And

Sang this words to her.

"Girl you're my angel, you're my darling angel."

She blushed a little then a whole

Crow of girls came and give. Mako the Google eyes and gushing.

But Korra know that all the girls only loved mako singing voice.

She know that he was the one who killed those hounds when they met not a scratch on him except for a bloody sword.

As people clapped and cheered the two boys on there was something in the back of the bar.

??? Pov

Wait I know that Beautiful singing voice? I used to date him maybe he has moved on a dish drops on the floor I wonder who that girl is with him. I will get him back one way another.

Korra pov

As the song was over mako was going to try to kiss me but I put a rat in face so he kissed the rat instead Xd Here's the rest of your shared part of popcorn chicken and French fries. I gave it to him.

"I'm not really hungry anymore for" "I kissed a rat".

He then carried me bridal style in his arms "umm mako what are" "you doing"? I said

You wanted to see the fireworks show we then landed on a rooftop.

"There so pretty" he put me down and sat down beside me.

As for Naga and Pabu they saw the fire works in a small tree.

I kissed mako on the cheek he then blushed red

"What was that for" he said

"For keeping your promise to a" "rock city girl". She said back

Your welcome I guess he said back.

I then rested his head on his shoulder.

Thanks for the Adventure mako I said back

No problem Korra he had his arm around her as they continued to watch the fireworks in the sky.

To be continued? It's maybe.....

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